How you can support our startup

Recently, I’ve met many investors, blog followers, and friends who have asked me how they can help us grow Kapwing, our video editing startup. Then, at StartX orientation this week, Joeseph emphasized many times over that, to activate their community, CEOs must ask for exactly what they need. Specificity matters, so I decided to write this short post to detail how you can help us grow Kapwing by driving more video creators to the website.

How to help Kapwing

Support us

  • Subscribe: The best way you can help us with Kapwing is to purchase the premium plan and make videos with Kapwing. We learn from your usage patterns and benefit from your business!
  • Product Feedback: Use Kapwing’s free version and tell us what you like and don’t like about our current features
  • Expertise: Make yourself available for tactical questions, like where we can find a bookkeeper

Promote us

  • Link to Kapwing from your website or blog. Product reviews with hyperlinks are incredibly helpful! They help us rank on Google
  • Review the Kapwing iOS app on the App Store and give us 5 stars
  • Like Kapwing on Facebook
  • Share our blog posts on social media. Subscribe to our blog to get email updates
  • Upvote Kapwing submissions on Product Hunt, HackerNews, Quora, Medium, YouTube, Reddit, and other online forums
  • Refer us to people that make videos or startups that are making video for the first time
  • Follow us on Twitter and retweet

Introduce us

  • Influencers: We love to talk with people who have large followings on social media or through their own channel, like a podcast, blog, or newspaper
  • Journalists: Tell your friends in the press about us
  • Teachers: Help us recruit participants for the Kapwing for EDU pilot. Kapwing is a great tool for classrooms, and k12 is an important distribution channel for us!
  • Amazing engineers: If you know an engineer who loves video creation, let us know — we hire opportunistically and are always looking for sharp hustlers

How Kapwing can help other entrepreneurs

  • Conversations about marketing partnerships: Could we set up a referral program that benefits both companies?
  • Coffees to chat about SEO, content marketing, launch strategy, bootstrapping, or raising a seed round. Happy to meet other first-time entrepreneurs!

We don’t need help with

  • Introduction to investors: We’re not fundraising right now, but will let you know when we’re thinking about the next financing
  • Introductions to founders of competing companies: If the company is a competitor, we’ve probably already played with their product and know a lot about their business. Tbh, it’s not that productive for us to spend time talking about what makes Kapwing different than other video companies.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to reach out anytime with questions, ideas, or connections that could help us grow our customer base virally.

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