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BecoSwap launches official KAI yield farms and liquidity pools on KardiaChain

Just recently, our KardiaChain Pioneer program was successfully completed with the final 4 teams to be integrated into the KardiaChain network. Their winning dApps now have the chance to contribute considerably to real-world use cases. Without wasting any time, the competition’s runner-up, BecoSwap, is now officially in a partnership with KardiaChain to leverage the DeFi features and expand KardiaChain ecosystem.

Users can now trade KRC20 tokens exclusively on KAIDEX to have their tokens ready to join the yield farming on Beco. The BecoSwap will go into function when the first genesis block number “2,828,900” is created with zero initial mining amount.

At the moment of the release of this article, the official Becoswap launch is exclusively on KRC20 to support KAI Native token and KRC20 tokens.

Farms opening on launch:

1️⃣WKAI-BECO 40x.


3️⃣WKAI-DPET 1x.

Liquidity pools available:

1️⃣BECO 20x.

2️⃣WKAI 1x.

3️⃣DPET 1x.

BecoSwap smart contract will be deployed on KardiaChain network with initial information below:

- Format: KRC20 token

- Token Name: BecoToken

- Token Symbol: BECO

- Decimal: 18

- Contract Address: 0x2Eddba8b949048861d2272068A94792275A51658

- Max Supply: Unlimited

- Zero Initial Mining

- Initial Reward Distribution Block: 2828900

Upcoming functions include supporting BSC, BSC wrap, BecoChain, Beco Bridge Project, Listing BEP20 and KRC20 tokens, DPET; NFT marketplace for collectibles including My Defi Pet monster integrating metadata Features compound like Pancake.

Among the teams participating in KardiaChain Pioneer Program, BecoSwap had achieved numerous impressive statistics: official Telegram channel reached 15,000+ members within a month, while Twitter account has over 26,000 followers.

An AMA session between KardiaChain and BecoSwap will occur next week. Stay tuned for more updates from us for this session.

About Becoswap

Becoswap is an established project as their Dapp had already run on Binance Smart Chain. The team put a lot of effort in converting their SDK to run on the KardiaChain network during KardiaChain Pioneer Program.

The project aims to build up Yield Farming, AMM Swap, Launchpad, and NFT Market for all users on the KardiaChain network besides the following existed products:

BecoChain: a blockchain software system having the capacity to scale up to 5000 TPS developed by BecoSwap and the community.

The Beco Bridge Project: a cross-chain bridging service that aims to increase interoperability between different blockchains.

BecoSwap Lottery: Users can purchase an entry ticket with 1 BECO between draws. If your ticket’s numbers match the eventual winning numbers, you’ll win stacks of BECO!

NFT Marketplace — Supply chain: an NFT platform with the best minting, buying, and exchanging experience by leveraging the fastest and cheapest solutions.

Find out more about Becoswap:

Website: https://becoswap.com/

Becoswap roadmap: https://docs.becoswap.com/roadmap

Twitter: https://twitter.com/beco_swap

Telegram: https://t.me/beco_swap

Website | Official Telegram community | Official Vietnamese community | Reddit | Medium | Twitter | Linkedin



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