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Cautionary notice of Fraudulent private sale transactions

Kardiachain Foundation constantly strives to uphold the highest levels of transparency and integrity. As such, we do not tolerate any illegal activities and shall always take actions against any wrongdoing or violation of our policies and legal agreements.

Kardiachain Foundation has been investigating and collecting concrete evidence after receiving allegations of large-sum fraudulent KAI token sales by an ex-team member/private sales investors, which is a direct breach of SAFT terms and conditions. We are taking disciplinary action against these ex-team members and private sale investors. Private sale tokens falling under this case will be locked indefinitely until further notice from the Foundation. Interests of KAI investors and community members will be placed on highest priority when resolving these matters.

For any buyers who have been obtaining future KAI tokens from private sale allocations without an official agreement from the KardiaChain Foundation, please contact us via hello@kardiachain.io for our support before the 10th of September. After this period, we will not be able to assist with fraudulent sales of private tokens.

We would like to warn our community once again about dealing with any imposters or individuals who are not official/active Kardiachain team members. Kardiachain Foundation will not take any responsibility for any damage caused by any scam or unofficial activity. Please make sure to carry out satisfactory due diligence when dealing with any individual(s) that claim to be Kardiachain team members to make sure that you’re dealing with official representatives of Kardiachain Foundation.

Kardiachain Foundation will continue to enforce strictest policies to ensure transparency to our ever growing community, investors and partners to facilitate a long-term healthy development towards achieving our grand vision for blockchain mass adoption in Vietnam and South-East Asia.

Tri Pham, CEO

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