Hardfork,Celebrating 5 years of KardiaChain with the Kyokai Hardfork

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4 min readDec 29, 2023


The Kyokai Hardfork for Mainnet 3.0 is now commencing to bring KardiaChain’s phygital and global expansion game up to a whole new level. Our 5-year mass adoption journey has been long enough to witness the rise of many trends, incidents, and turning points to make our name what it is today.

From Aris to Galaxias, and now Kyokai

On 29th December 2020, The KardiaChain team and Kardians/Kaisers community gathered to celebrate the birth of our Aris Mainnet 1.0, alongside our own DEX and bridges, with the goal of inclusiveness, openness, and innovative cross-chain collaboration to create unification of blockchain for mass adoption. This was the time of Blockchain gaming and exploring new ways of introducing and implementing NFT into practical usage, and serving as a base for further application development on the chain.

Later, in December 2021, we upgraded the infrastructure with the Galaxias Mainnet 2.0 Hardfork. In this phase, the KardiaChain infrastructure enhanced the overall network performance, improved smart contracts deployment and execution, and expanded the validating process to diversify the network and support further compatibility with major networks and Web3 applications while still maintaining the advantage of our core values, such as low transactions fees, low block time, etc.

During the period of 2022–2023, we kept maintaining and testing all the capabilities in many aspects and found a new direction that went beyond “just” bridging and connecting chains together but spearheading to connecting worlds for a real meta-future. That was the start of the Kyokai Solution, which was elaborated on in our Kyokai whitepaper. Since then, we have developed technology in parallel with other business developments. Specifically, we have connected with fashion designers and art event organizers to bring technology into art performances, advising multiple digital identification solutions to enhance the interactive experience in both remote or direct senses and help convey the story behind each artwork or fashion item. KardiaChain’s phygital solution also helps organizers solve intellectual property rights issues, especially with intangible products. Also, with the support of cultural activists, researchers, and museums, we continue to spread this technology to handicraft products imbued with local cultural unique value, helping to preserve and transfer the local cultural value into the digital world.

This combination is an intuitive way for blockchain technology to be applied to everyday life, without users having to learn too much about technological knowledge. With simple steps on smartphone, the audience can fully understand the concept of digital assets and the value of creating a digital version of tangible things. These events that combine technology and community activities are an indicator of community acceptance of new technologies, and that positive public reception will be the foundation for us to plan appropriate and realistic approaches for the next steps.

Say hello to Kyokai Mainnet 3.0!

When first introduced in March 2023, Kyokai was deemed as an end-to-end solution for digitalizing and creating digital identities for physical objects, locations, activities and people. In short, Kyokai is the basis of our attempt to bridge the physical and virtual/digital landscape with the power of blockchain technology and eventually realize our goal for mass adoption.

After limited and exclusive partnerships with local partners in various sectors, we expanded the Kyokai solution capabilities with the Kyokai Hardfork. With Kyokai Mainnet 3.0, we finally enable the usage of phygital solutions to all business sectors and models using all the familiar core values of KardiaChain infrastructure. We aim to open up the border, like how Kyokai’s “Beyond the Boundaries” motto, to onboard any potential future partners in all sectors worldwide to join us in the journey of global expansion and mass adoption. With all those developments, the hard fork will not require any change on the $KAI token, and even add more beneficial technical and business values to the token utility when implemented into new business models.

To have a look: https://explorer.kardiachain.io/

Alongside the technical updates, we would love to take this chance to inform our community about the upcoming private event for our long-term and strong-hand holders to show our appreciation for 5 years standing by our side; and the soon-to-be complete brand new House of Kaisers program, along with the new branding kit exclusively for our members.

Finally, as our ending note, the Kyokai Hardfork and Kyokai Mainnet implementation will not be a one-and-done process, instead, it will be enhanced gradually through multiple stages of soft fork. We will have further discussion on the new infrastructure features, and hardfork developments in the upcoming AMA with our CTO and Global CEO and Q4 2023 Burnt Event Update in January 2024.

Happy Kyokai Mainnet and Happy New Year 2024!

From the KardiaChain team to our community!




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