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Cong Troi’s achievements in 45 days

Over the past 45 days since its first launch, the first NFT Gallery powered by KardiaChain, Cong Troi, has achieved many huge milestones with enormous support from the Vietnamese community.

Eleven talented artists support and participate in the Cong Troi project within the art industry, including three artists above from Viet Art Now, one photographer, and seven other artists. They all have minted a total of 40 NFT works on Cong Troi Gallery. In the first-ever opening sale, 21 artworks had drawn in revenue of 29,550 KAl. The painting “Private Corner” from the artist Luong Luu Bien is sold for the highest price on Cong Troi Platform for 8590 KAI.

With such milestones, Cong Troi gradually gains more recognition and approach from multiple fine art and entertainment associations, result in multiple promising partnerships as follows:

Viet Art Now: A group consisting of over 11,000 members founded by three masterclass artists Phạm An Hải, Phạm Bình Chương, Phạm Hà Hải.

Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Association :The most prominent Fine art organisation in Viet Nam.

MeKong Art: an organisation for the deaf and mute community. MekongArt is also a place for collectors to approach works created by disabled children with artistic talents.

Ravolution: One of the most reputable EDM producers and music festival organizers had decided to produce and mint their music as NFT for collectors and fans. Ravolution is in partnership with enormous brands and entertainment giants like Yamaha, Billboard, Warner Music, Mercedes-Benz, Louis Vuitton, JW Marriott…

Tho Bay Mau: One of the most famous cartoon characters in Vietnamese social media community. Their Facebook fanpage has over 3 million followers. With this partnership, Tho Bay Mau will produce exclusive content on Cong Troi Gallery.

On social media, Cong Troi has gained impressive statistics despite being announced for a short time. Their Youtube channel has reached 2000 subscribers, and their Facebook fanpage has over 24,000 followers with almost two million impressions.

In traditional media appearances, Cong Troi launch events in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City are featured on many reputable news outlets with the most views in Vietnam, such as Tuoi Tre, The Thao & Van Hoa, Dai Doan Ket. Furthermore, Cong Troi gained large exposure to the general public via TV reports on the six largest TV channels in Vietnam: HTV (Ho Chi Minh City Channel), VTC, Vietnam News Agency and THVL (Vinh Long province Channel).

With the established reputation from such achievements, Cong Troi has organised their first-ever digital art competition, “My Hero”. The competition is backed by the Science and Technology Department, HCMC University of Fine Art and FPT University.

All of the achievements mentioned above are crucial to the development of KardiaChain in powering the NFT art gallery for Cong Troi. The numbers and wide exposure prove the enthusiasm and adaptation of the Vietnamese mass population to this new form of collectibles, which will push the influence of blockchain technology in entertainment and art.

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