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Dr. Thang Huynh joins KardiaChain as CRO and Director of Geleximco Kardia Blockchain Labs

Dr. Huynh is a postdoctoral researcher at RWTH Aachen University. Prior to this position, he was a S.E.W Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego. He obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Courant Institute, New York University. Dr. Huynh is an expert in the field of mathematical signal processing, more specifically, quantization theory and analog-to-digital conversion methods with particular emphasis on the settings of frame theory, compressive sampling, and phase retrieval. His current research interests include blockchain and mathematical models of deep learning and neural networks.

Dr. Huynh has been with KardiaChain since the beginning as the advisor who has made many significant contributions in designing the KardiaChain network. With his expertise and research interests in blockchain and machine learning/artificial intelligence, his research findings would bring the KardiaChain network and Dual Node technology to the next level that would revolutionize blockchain technology and empower mass adoption.

As CRO, Dr. Huynh will

Bio Dr. Thang Huynh: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thanglehuynh/

Read more about Geleximco KardiaChain Labs: https://tinyurl.com/yaopn2oc

On this special occasion, Dr. Thang Huynh, on behalf of Geleximco — KardiaChain labs, has vowed:

“It is my honor to be part of KardiaChain since day one and I am very happy to observe the growth of the project and the team. I am very excited about this opportunity with KardiaChain, the 1st joint venture with a conglomerate in Vietnam blockchain space. After years of being a Professor, a blockchain lab leader is an ideal profession for me to look forward to. Since I have insights from the team and blockchain industry, my upcoming research findings would tremendously benefit KardiaChain in terms of technology and use cases. Now let’s crunch out some numbers!”

KardiaChain CEO, Tri Pham, has welcomed Dr. Thang Huynh on this new appointment and strategic position:

“Thang is one of my good friends, he is known for his excellent logical and mathematical analysis since early schooling days. Thang is also our long-term advisor who supported KardiaChain from day 1 in refining our strategy. Having Dr. Thang Huynh in both KardiaChain and the joint ventures KardiaChain — Geleximco Labs will empower us with the assurance, consistency, and ideas for research and development, which greatly improves our technologies and products.”

We are very happy and honored to have yet another unparalleled character to join our team. In KardiaChain, we make the elite become fruits.

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