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DUAL NODE Testnet 1.0 incoming!

Following the launch of the long-awaited KAIDEX, it is only a matter of time that cross-chain features will be completed. In another 24 hours, KardiaChain’s core technology, the patent-pending Dual Node, will be ready for public usage. All users are welcome to join in a true interoperable DeFi adventure on multiple blockchains with the launch of the Dual Node Testnet 1.0.

There is a Vietnamese idiom, “Integration without assimilation,” meaning that the cross-chain can happen on a global scale while it still keeps our own signature characteristics. The KardiaChain Dual Node best represents the idiom by being a non-invasive solution invented by the KardiaChain Labs. The Dual Node is the process of running two parallel chains simultaneously without compromising the integrity of the ledger data. This means no change of protocol is needed to make two blockchains interact with each other.

To put it simply, with the Dual Node, users can take action on one chain, and the result will happen on the other one easily with cryptographic proof carried across blockchains. For example: User has ERC20 A Token on the Ethereum chain, he wants to swap ERC20 A to BEP20 B Token on BSC, he can receive BEP20 B Token on BSC with just one single click without additional steps. Dual-node validators will track the best route and execute the swap for users. All fees are charged in native KAI to bring the best benefits for liquidity providers and yield farmers.

In this Testnet 1.0, available features for users to access are as follows:

  • Chain-Swapping between Ethereum and KardiaChain: Users can also move their tokens between the two blockchains easily. For example, any ERC20 token can become a KRC20 to use on Kardiachain, and vice versa. Interactions on BSC will be supported soon.
  • Mechanism: A token issued on chain A will be locked, the token will be issued on chain B via Dual Node’s smart contract and have a consensus algorithm that needs to be verified by 2/3 (67%) of Dual Node validators.

Let’s begin the countdown for a whole new world of DeFi cross-chain functionalities with KardiaChain’s KAIDEX and Dual Node.

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