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ETH- KAI Dual Bridge is officially LIVE!

The moment of the first true cross-chain trading experience is here! No more countdown, no more waiting. From now on, the ETH-KAI Dual Bridge is officially live on our network and KAIDEX for everyone.

KardiaChain Team has shown admirable perseverance during challenging times to bring all our loyal KAI Believers the result of our promise and effort. The ETH- KAI Dual Bridge marks a proud milestone for us to move on in the future.

During this period, we will gradually unveil all the present and soon-to-be-available features on the bridge. At this moment, users can freely and easily deposit/withdraw ETH from Ethereum to the KardiaChain network and vice versa to take action as per your preference.

Instruction to use the ETH — KAI bridge:

For now, KAI-ETH Dualnode Bridge supports WETH, USDT. More tokens are all planned in the pipeline

How to wrap Ethereum:

(Next update will support direct swap from ETH)

Using Uniswap:


Select first-row Token ETH, second-row token WETH. Approve then Swap

Using 1nch:


Swap directly from Metamask:

Select ETH to WETH

How to SWAP ERC20 to KRC20 using Dualnode Bridge

Vitsit: https://kaidex.io/bridge

Connect Metamask Wallet, select Assets, Input your KRC20 wallet

Approve transaction, then click SWAP

Same process for swapping KRC20 to ERC20

We will enable the deposit/withdrawal of USDT and other ERC-20 tokens on our network in the upcoming days. Our KAIDEX will also add new trading pairs of KAI/ETH and KAI/USDT to expand your trading experiences. Stay tuned for our features updates soon.

And now, welcome to the age of DeFi cross-chain trading with KardiaChain and KAIDEX.

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