House of Kaisers Program

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What is the House of Kaisers Program?


Our team at KardiaChain always aims to create an improved and unique experience for our community that keeps our members engaged, informed, and collaborative. In order to do so, we had to revisit our own status quo and future aspirations. We have found that there is a lot of room for improvement, that’s for sure! Thus, we wish to evolve alongside our trusted KardiaChain community members.

With our basis of the KardiaChain community and the precursor Ambassador program, the board of KardiaChain has decided to create the House of Kaisers (HoK), representing the next evolutionary phase of our community, wherein we support utilizing innovative approaches and communication channels to promote and enrich KardiaChain reputation and ecosystem. This evolution will be constructed as a collaborative framework that emphasizes the importance of transparency, feedback, and engagement. The program will initially be defined by KardiaChain with the intention to iterate in collaboration with the HoK.

The overall goals of the HoK will be including but not limited to:

  • Create a unique community brand
  • Establish a membership program to include a ranking system
  • Elevate exposure and adoption of Kardiachain capabilities and ecosystem
  • Create HoK Portal for official Kardiachain newsletters, forums, and missions
  • Incentivize community involvement
  • Enable structured channels for feedback, support, and collaboration

With that said, let’s have a look at the path that lies ahead on each component regarding HoK.


Branding wise, our goal is to establish a strong sense of identity within our community as they promote KardiaChain and its ecosystem, while create a thematic sense to give our community inclusivity for better bonding. To achieve this, we will create a branding concept that combines elements of medieval and futuristic military styles. This unique branding will serve as an official seal, representing our community members. Alongside this seal, we will also develop HoK slogans and incorporate the KardiaChain branding. These visual elements and messaging will be utilized across various channels, events, collaborations, and marketing efforts to effectively promote our community.


From our long-term investors down to newcomers to the KardiaChain community, the installation of a membership program using a ranking system will be utilized with a defined index to place each member into their proper rank. Each rank will have an insignia to indicate the individual’s hierarchy. Each rank will have clearance and abilities to perform actions such as access to different levels of a news portal, participation in company-driven initiatives, access to community engagement features of the HoK application, DAO voting, and access to HoK merchandise. Members will also have the opportunity of promotion to the next rank as they contribute to the exposure and adoption of our infrastructure and ecosystem.

The management structure of the HoK will consist of 3 main parts. It will consist of the KardiaChain Counsel, HoK Elders, and HoK members. The KardiaChain Counsel will consist of the KardiaChain Co-Founders or any executive(s) who are appointed in their place. The HoK Elders will act as the delegates on behalf of the HoK members. Our initial HoK Elders will consist of our current Ambassadors and Community Managers.

KardiaChain Counsel

As stated earlier, the Counsel will consist of the Co-Founders or an executive(s) appointed by them. There is no limit to the number of counsel attendees. The counsel will be involved with strategic collaboration and decision making efforts with the HoK Elders. The meeting schedule will be recurring and will consist of quarterly and annual meetings. These meetings will be known as the Quarterly or Annual Round Table, respectively.

House of Kaiser Elders

The House of Kaisers Elders (HoK Elders) is a distinguished group of outstanding figureheads amongst our community. They serve as role models and embody the values of the House of Kaisers and KardiaChain as a whole, serving as beacons of inspiration and guidance for all community members. The HoK Elders will be empowered and supported to engage members to feel more connected to the project. The Elders will promote an inclusive environment and drive or assist in marketing campaigns, business operations, and support in maintaining or increasing community engagement.

HoK Members

Each and every member of the KardiaChain community is an integral part in maintaining a healthy commonplace for all to discuss, support and promote KardiaChain’s efforts in the journey to mass adoption.

As per new HoK system, each member will be designated a rank that will be determined by a defined index. We will leverage our R&D team to help guide us in the correct DAO algorithms.

The HoK Members will be classified into 5 different tier levels based on their asset holding and staking, sth, sth, and contribution to the KardiaChain community as a whole. The highest tier, the 6th level, will be the HoK Elders. 5th tier HoK Members may apply or be selected to join the HoK Elders group per consideration of their achievements and contributions to the community.


Apart from channels such as the Telegram Official group and our social media channels, we wish to support the HoK by providing a unique communication, collaboration, support, and engagement platform that will scale alongside the program. The soon-to-be developed applications will contain a repository of news information and trends, project-related blogs or forums, hosting events, HoK missions and activities, media channel integrations and a merchandise store. Access to content will be granted based on the members’ individual HoK membership rank and access levels.

There will be other functions that will be included into the portal as time goes on. These additional functions include comprehensive support services, efficient knowledge base management, and strategic channel marketing, among others. They will be mentioned in other sections.

Incentive Program

The HoK members will be our primary marketing channel for KardiaChain and its ecosystem. We aim to incentivize HoK members that help increase our exposure and adoption in an efficient, high-impact, and grass-roots team of true supporters of our efforts. The afforedmention portal will include gamification features comprising missions, activities, or contests available for members to complete that will earn them KAI tokens or points. Each rank will have special access to content, abilities and reward types that increase as you progress through the ranks.

The portal will be used as a support tool for the HoK that will include many features such as a knowledge base, blogs, and forums. Members will be able to earn rewards by identifying discrepancies with any support content through a structured escalation process. Create project-related blogs or help forums.

Kardiachain <> House of Kaisers

A continued effort of collaboration will continue but will see improvement on how member feedback, real-time insights, and constructive criticism are received. We will streamline an escalation process that will give us capabilities to better identify trends, resolve support cases, and measure operational quality for continuous improvement.

The use of Round Tables will be utilized for strategic collaboration and decision making efforts. HoK members will be empowered to vote on topics to be discussed as it pertains to the project and its ecosystem. The HoK Elders will be the delegates to share topics and insights to the Counsel to identify opportunities for new partnerships, technologies, ideas, or any topic that will help drive exposure and adoption.

House of Kaiser Program 2023–2024 Roadmap




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