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Introduce Network Change Proposal on KardiaChain Explorer

Now you can propose a network change and see if the validators and community are up for it.

New tab Network Change Proposal in KardiaChain Explorer gives everyone a right to propose a significant network change.


Network Change Proposal allows anyone who has 500,000 KAI to propose network change by filling out the form from the Explorer website. You must lock 500,000 KAI to create a proposal. The network will refund your tokens if the proposal is approved by 2/3+ voting powers.

Please carefully propose the changes that improve the network because there is a cost in case of rejection. (This is only for proposal submission. We will address other requests such as bug reports and help centers through appropriate channels). The form is as following:

.Validator, delegator, or community member

.Your Telegram ID or Email for communication purposes

.Base Proposal Reward

.Max Proposers

.Min Stake


.Goal and Purposes

.Pros and Cons Analysis


.Your targeted objects/audiences (Inflation increment rate, jail time and slash rate in case a validator tries to cheat, the minimum stake amount, the amount required when a validator changes their name, reward distribution rate between validator and their delegators, maximum number of validators in KardiaChain network,…)

.Supporting Data: Your desired statistics


If the proposal is approved by validators, 500,000 KAI will be returned to the proposer.

There is a deadline countdown (30 days x 24 hours) for validators to perform the vote. Whenever a 2/3 vote is accepted/rejected, the Proposal result is finalized.

Any community member can vote “yes” or “no” (which adds transaction) in the form of a poll to convey your opinions, contributing to the validator voting but it does not impact the result. Specifically, the community can join the vote in the form of an opinion contribution. The validators will refer to the popularity of the votes to assess the proposal; however, the validator’s decision is not obligated by the outcome of community votes.

After all, we do what is best for our community, investors, and the ecosystem!

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