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KAI Holders to get $5,000 rewards in new exciting NFT game tokens

Dear Kardians,

Following the announcement of My DeFi Pet, an NFT collectibles game with unique monsters and features, we are thrilled to announce that KardiaChain is collaborating with My DeFi Pet to have an airdrop event of DPET tokens for all the early blockchain and game enthusiasts.

First of all, the DPET token is My DeFi Pet in-game currency. DPET token allows players to significantly enhance their in-game progress by growing, breeding, evolving, and improving special abilities for the pets. The tokens can also be used in other game features, such as farming new pets, pet trading, battles, and seasons.

Secondly, the DPET token is the governance token that increases chances for holders to receive in-game perks. The game will release new pets and items during the updates. Token holders would have the power to accept or reject when the new pets and items are introduced. When the pets or items are accepted during the vetting process, the holders can acquire the pets or the items. The more tokens one is holding, the higher chance the person receives the new pet or item.

How to participate:

Main event

  1. Send 1 KAI to our provided wallet to register the wallet to participate.
    Address: 0xB9b3e50fD8EA755AeF736Fec5BEEfCF0e26c6a94
  2. Stake KAI to validators, using the wallet above.
  3. The stake amount and number of participants will be snapshot and on 26 April 2021.
  4. $5000 worth of DPET tokens are shared proportionally among participants based on the tokens staked in the registered wallets.

Besides the main event, we have an additional side event with other incentives for all participants.

  1. Top 5 wallets gain a Mythical egg.
  2. Top 20 wallets gain an Epic egg.
  3. Top 100 wallets gain a Rare egg.

DPET token reward:

Send 1 KAI to the address to register :

You will receive DPET proportionally to your staking amount in the total staking amount from all registrations.

For example:
If you stake 100,000 KAI and send 1 KAI to register.
There are 2 people also register and they each stake 200,0000 KAI.
At the end you will receive $1000 in DPET tokens.
100,000 /(100,000 + 200,000 + 200,000) = 20% x $5,000 = $1,000

Following above example, if you stake 600,000 KAI then you will get
600,000 / (600,000 + 200,000 + 200,000) = 60% x $5,000 = $3,000

Are you ready to “Play 2 Earn”?

Website | Official Telegram community | Official Vietnamese community |Official Announcement | Reddit | Medium | Twitter | Linkedin





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