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Dear Kardians,

Welcome to the KAIDEX Landing Page.



KAIDEX is the first of its kind in the decentralized exchange market, possessing the capabilities of a completely decentralized cross-chain token trading platform. KAIDEX is built upon the Dual Node technology, a novel patent-pending technology that would truly revolutionize multi-chain swapping. With Dual Node, users would be able to swap tokens from any blockchain ecosystems without any integration from the partner chains.

KAIDEX — The best of both worlds

KAIDEX mechanism aims to provide a complete decentralised solution with a CEX experience. Users can have full control of their privacy, own their assets, and reduce the risk of a security breach. Furthermore, KAIDEX performance is of CEX with fast settlements, high liquidity, and transparent audit. It is to bring the best benefits for users. Such hybrid solutions are in high demand on the market as DEXes and DeFi are becoming more trending than ever.

Road to KAI DEX Launching

KAIDEX is the first to solve the disadvantages and ambitious to utilise both CEX and DEX's advantages to be “the best of both worlds”.

KardiaChain Team is working hard to build a user-centric platform. We bring users with the ultimate experiences and aim for mass adoption via our unique products. The launching of KAIDEX landing page is the first step to the next phase, such as cross-chain lending, cross-chain swap, cross-chain farming. KAIDEX has the power to connect all of the blockchains together, expanding our ecosystem by quality tokens to be listed.

KardiaChain is all set for the 4–5th step for the Vietnam Defi Movement plan, especially by the time Dual Node technology comes to be fully functional.

The Binance Smart Chain’s Dual Node is also in implementation and will be production-ready to boost the performance and utility of KAIDEX.

Advantages KAIDEX Exchange is as follows:

  • Powerful trading tools: Stop — Market Order, Limit order (in the future)
  • Low slippage
  • Fast transfer speed
  • Near-zero low fee
  • 5 seconds settlement

Powered by KardiaChain: non-invasive Dual Node, with confirmation time to be 5 seconds, 10,000–100,000 times cheaper than Ethereum, 6000 TPS, fully-decentralized and fully-interoperable.


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