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KAIStarter next project: Lan Que Phuong — Chapter 4: Hong Mau Don

Following the successful cooperation in producing the Sugar Baby Youtube series, KAIStarter has started a new project with the Youtube web drama Lan Que Phuong — Chapter 4: Hong Mau Don.

Lan Que Phuong is one of the most famous Youtube series from Ghien Mi Go — a 6 million subscribers channel. Throughout 4 seasons since 2019, Lan Que Phuong has earned over 100 million views and became a pop culture hit in young Vietnamese people’s lives. The latest instalment of the series, Lan Que Phuong — Chapter 4: Hong Mau Don’s first episode was released in March 2021. KAIStarter’s involvement in Hong Mau Don production starts from episode 6, which will release on 10 April.

Hong Mau Don episode 6 trailer:

KAIStarter is a DeFi platform to provide flexible earnings for KAI holders via traditional business investments. KAIStarter utilises KAI tokens to govern all activities such as proposing an investment, voting for approval and claiming interest. Hong Mau Don is the first KAIStarter project integrated fully to KardiaChain mainnet and uses native KAI token to lock, massively reduce transaction fees, and increase adoption opportunities.

  • Participating period: 08th APR 2021 to 10th APR 2021
  • Locking period: 10th APR 2021 to 10th AUG 2021
  • Total cap: 2,500,000 KAI
  • Personal cap: 100,000 KAI
  • Minimum amount: 1,000 KAI
  • Revenue share payout: USDK

Payout calculation:

Payout = Total revenue * (your locked KAI / total cap)

Join now at: https://kaistarter.kardiachain.io/hong-mau-don

Locking Step by step instructions:

Please DO NOT send KAI directly to the smart contract address.

ONLY CALL the “ContributeKAI function” provided or FOLLOW the UI flow on KAIstarter website.

1. Install extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kardiachain-wallet/pdadjkfkgcafgbceimcpbkalnfnepbnk?hl=vi

2. Access https://kaistarter.kardiachain.io

3. Connect to Kardia Wallet Extension

4. Input the KAI amount you want to lock

5. Press “LOCK” button. Sign the transaction using your KAI Wallet extension, to lock the approved amount

6. Complete!

7. Enjoy the series and visit our platform to see updates on revenue. We will give out clear earning instructions by the end of locking.

Website | Official Telegram community | Official Vietnamese community |Official Announcement | Reddit | Medium | Twitter | Linkedin



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