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KardiaChain and BTA bringing blockchain education to millions in Vietnam

The booming of the DeFi Movement in the world of financial investment has increased the public interest in blockchain and crypto. More people want to have a piece of the crypto cake, however, not every beginner or participant is fully knowledgeable about blockchain technology and process. To help everyone well-prepared, KardiaChain is working with BTA Protocol to bring blockchain education to millions in Vietnam and fuel the blockchain mass adoption movement.

KardiaChain pride itself to be an innovative blockchain with technical prowess such as the unique Dual Node technology that is fully interoperable, which is the key factor for cross-chain interaction. KardiaChain aims to be the first in everyone’s mind whenever they think of Viet blockchain power.

Through BTA Protocol, an incentivized learning platform utilizing NFT technology, the crypto knowledge in general and KardiaChain specifically can be spread to every enthusiast with ease. BTA Protocol with their unique usage of Gamified Learning, Quiz DApp Mainnet and Tokenisation of Blockchain Training Academy would help unlock standard and fully-localized lessons from basic to advanced about blockchain technology and KardiaChain uniqueness. Furthermore, BTA offers the incentive of “learn and earn”, which means the partnership between KardiaChain and BTA will grant BTAP holders the capability to stake and earn KAI tokens or vice versa, trade NFT collectibles for crypto knowledge bombs and use KAI to unlock KardiaChain coaching sessions according to their owned interest. The partnership between KardiaChain and BTA is formed on the mutual belief that blockchain is for everyone to have access and gain benefits, KAI will indeed be accessible to millions through education provided by BTA Protocol.

About BTA Protocol

BTA Protocol is an ecosystem of products and services around blockchain education and DeFi aiming to increase opportunities for individuals to learn and earn. Revenues of the courses will contribute to charity via a DeFi Charity Platform. BTA Protocol works with a vision to build a Knowledge Economy in the communities so everyone can get the best benefits from learning.

Find out more about BTA:

Website: https://btaprotocol.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/btaprotocol

Telegram: https://t.me/btaprotocol

Medium: https://medium.com/@btaprotocol

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/btaprotocol

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