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KardiaChain and Yeah1 Group join hands to lead the blockchainisation of the entertainment industry

KardiaChain’s journey of blockchain mass adoption in Vietnam marks a new milestone. KardiaChain welcomes another premium partner to onboard, none other than the colossal Yeah1 Group, Vietnam’s biggest media network to lead the blockchain solution of the entertainment industry.

The blockchain implementation in the media and entertainment industry has the potential to disrupt content production. First of all, blockchain’s decentralised and transparent nature offers creators and curators more control over their monetising processes and royalty management through their works. Secondly, digitised contents can be distributed directly to consumers compared to traditional methods. Consumer-to-consumer exchange is also available to bring benefits to both creators and consumers. Finally, the most prominent use case is to help Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) create NFTs of their own. Due to NFT’s nature as a unique token that can store immutable data, KOLs can choose to mint their personal profile, skills and value of services as an NFT on a platform powered by KardiaChain. Realising the benefits of media and entertainment blockchainisation, KardiaChain cooperates with Yeah1 Group to blockchainise their business and lead the entertainment industry to a new era.

The blockchainisation process includes:

Considering how the entertainment industry has a huge impact on young Vietnamese’s social life, the blockchain technology’s adoption of Yeah1 Group sends a strong message about the influence of KardiaChain to the general public in Vietnam.

About Yeah1Group

Yeah1 Group is a Vietnam public company (HOSE:YEG) operating in Traditional, Digital Media and Media Commerce. Yeah1 Group pride themselves as the leading multi-channel media ecosystem with expansion throughout the South East Asia region. They have a vision to constantly evolve through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Yeah1 Group operates over 20 companies across the value chain spanning operations across the globe with revenue from over 150 countries.

Find out more about Yeah1 Group:
Website: https://yeah1group.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Yeah1Group

Yeah1TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxVbAgOxi2HtYFmptzvILrA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YEGCorp/

Website | Official Telegram community | Official Vietnamese community |Official Announcement | Reddit | Medium | Twitter | Linkedin



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