KardiaChain discussed with digital payment experts including organizer of Vietnam first cross-banks transaction on blockchain during VRBF 2018.

Dec 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear KardiaChain Community,

Last week, we are honored to deliver a keynote at the Vietnam Retail Banking Forum (VRBF) 2018 with this year theme of “Optimizing retail banking channel in the branchnetwork, adapting to digital age”. This was another successful year for the annually held event organized by the Viet Nam Banks Association (VNBA) and IDG Vietnam. VRBF 2018 attracted a large number of C-level business leader from Viet Nam Top Commercial Banks, Government Representatives from various departments including the State Bank of Vietnam along with experts, entrepreneurs to discuss innovative solution addressing the current challenges in Retail Banking.

KardiaChain was the sole blockchain project participating in the event with our chairman Hung Nguyen presenting and joining the panel discussion during the session: “The Development of Retail Banking on Digital Technology’s Platform — Keys Issues & Solution”.

During the keynote, our chairman has introduced a blockchain initiative for the current Digital Identity and Credit Scoring System to offer a more cost-effective, easy-to-use and secured system with high throughput. He went on to present KardiaChain’s offloading solution by Elastic Sharding With Incentive Mechanism (ESWIM) enabling us to offer desirable Transaction Per Second (TPS) with a high level of security for cross-chain and cross-banks activities.

Later, Hung joined the highly anticipated panel discussion with Deputy CEO of National Payment Corporation of Vietnam NAPAS, Deputy CEO of Sacombank (First bank publicly listed in Vietnam), IBM’s Senior Advisor and CEO of Moca (Leading Digital Payment Start-up) to discuss the evolution of digital technology platform.

The panelist who represents the country front-foot in digital payment has engaged in an intense constructive discussion. KardiaChain is grateful beyond words to receive all the interests, questions and feedback, especially from Deputy CEO of NAPAS, which is the country’s leader in payment platform and currently managing more than 100 million cardholders from 46 Vietnam and International Commercial Banks. NAPAS also oversaw the country first ever cross-banks transaction on blockchain which was successfully executed earlier this year, proving to offer transparency, lower transaction fee and level of risk involved, of which experience was shared with us by their Deputy CEO.

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