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KardiaChain forms a strategic business partnership with Geleximco — one of Vietnam’s most powerful conglomerates!

KardiaChain as the number one blockchain project in Vietnam continues to gain traction in blockchain mass adoption at a blinding rate.

KardiaChain is thrilled to announce our strategic business partnership with Geleximco — one of Vietnam’s leading conglomerates with assets totaling more than $2.2 billion, creating stable jobs for more than 9,000 employees.

Hanoi General Import Export Company (GELEXIMCO) was established in 1993 directly under approval of the Vietnam Prime Minister at that time. With over 25 years of operation and development, Geleximco has made great strides to quickly become one of the leading economic groups of Vietnam.

The MoU has been signed by Vu Van Tien, Chairman & CEO of Geleximco and Son Nguyen, Head of Business Development of Kardiachain. The partnership aims to integrate blockchain into Geleximco various businesses. Most notably banking, real estate, construction and agriculture industries.

Possible applications and use cases in the very near future include:

  • Decentralised ID solution for An Binh Bank (ABBANK)
  • Supply chain management for AnHoa Paper (Paper manufacturing)
  • Smart city solution for An Binh City (residential areas)

Geleximco and KardiaChain have agreed to enter into a long-term working relationship:

  • KardiaChain will leverage our highly experienced tech team to develop hybrid blockchain solutions (KardiaChain ADapps) for the many of the Geleximco’s daughter companies, including some of the most notable firms in Vietnam in various diverse industries.
  • KardiaChain’s cutting-edge technology will bring Geleximco improved operational efficiency, ensure the highest security, transparency and other benefits from blockchain technology
  • Geleximco will pool all resources at its disposal to support KardiaChain with a long-term goal of making KardiaChain a major blockchain platform for enterprises in Vietnam and South East Asia
KardiaChain & Geleximco MoU

The strategic business partnership with Geleximco is another major milestone for KardiaChain and we will continue to assert our position as Vietnam’s number 1 blockchain project through major partnerships with top enterprises, to implement blockchain technology wherever possible and onboard as many new users onto blockchain as possible.

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