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KardiaChain has successfully completed the ERC-20 Token Burn and Native Token Issuance!

We have burned approximately 860 mils ERC20 KAI for the following purposes:

1, 187.5 mil KAI from business validators

2, 72,168,005 KAI from community validators

3, 100,226,000.982 KAI from Early token swap pool

4, 500 mil KAI from block rewards

Total token burn: 859,894,005.982 KAI

We will reissue the same amount of native KAI token on the genesis block.

You can check 4 txIDs for the burnt action here:


(1) Business validators


(2) Community validators

2.1. https://etherscan.io/address/0x01fb62dc70523cdda3350b4979cb4724ea1238d1



(3) Early token swap


(4) 500mil mining will be locked until 4/9/2021

Address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x7af026d6c791ea5cf155def7bdcebfda70bbce0e#readContract

Thank you for your tremendous support. Mainnet, here we come!

>> https://mainnet.kardiachain.io

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