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  1. Vietnam’s Youth Union to launch a KAI tokenized incentive ID app

The application was an initiative powered by Kardiachain aimed at improving and tokenizing volunteering tasks and activities for the union members. The application utilizes Kardiachain’s technology for digitizing, managing membership data, providing IDs for each member, creating a tasks system, and earning incentive points (KAI tokens).

2. KardiaChain Youth Union Inventive Platform — Pilot phase starting at high schools in Ho Chi Minh City

KardiaChain and the Youth Union have started the pilot phase of their incentive platform. The first version named “Tuoi Tre Q5” will be rolling out for 60,000 members of the union in District 5, HCMC. On June 9, KardiaChain held an on-boarding event in Tran Khai Nguyen high school for key members of the Union.

3. KardiaChain’s Youth Union Incentive ADapp and Unique Features: Highlight Video

On the 5th of June, KardiaChain announced a strategic partnership with Vietnam’s Youth Union to launch a KAI tokenized incentive ID app. On June 9th, we co-organized an on-boarding event in Tran Khai Nguyen high school for key members of the Union — Starting our pilot phase at high schools in Ho Chi Minh City.

Please check out the list of features which will be continuously tested and updated to serve even more demanding initiatives and bigger scale of the Union community.

4. KardiaChain welcomed our new CFO, Mr. Anthony Vo

To continue spearheading our effort of mass adoption and optimizing our business processes, we are pleased and honored to welcome our new CFO, Anthony Vo, who possesses an excellent track record of banking and consulting expertise. We believe that Anthony will be an integral part in our business expansion plan and help the organization to develop various strategic initiatives and tactical logistics to reach our financial targets.

5. Value Investing Framework in Cryptocurrencies — Anthony Vo, KardiaChain CFO

In this short paper, Anthony Vo will share his opinion on why blockchain technology, which promises a securely enhanced transaction velocity will become increasingly important in the future. Anthony will give you a tour on the current monetary policy in many developed countries and then demonstrate how developing countries, such as Vietnam, will be greatly benefited from a more optimized payment experience.

The economic literature from this paper will enable us to derive a concrete valuation framework for cryptocurrency, which helps investors to identify solid and financially sound projects empowered by it.


  1. KardiaChain team provides liquidity for KAI/ETH community pool on Uniswap!

Due to the high demand for liquidity on Uniswap from our community, KardiaChain team has provided liquidity on this platform.

KAI is now tradeable on Uniswap: https://tinyurl.com/UniswapKAIcommunitypool

2. MXC Listed Keep Network (KEEP), Kardiachain (KAI), THORChain (RUNE) and Switcheo (SWTH)

Deposit: Opened

Trading: 10:00 (UTC+8), June 25

Withdrawal: stay tuned

More: https://mxc-exchange.zendesk.com/hc/en-001/articles/360044988212


  1. KAI Token Allocation Vesting Contracts Update

In a continuous effort to be transparent, and meet Coinmarketcap.com requirements, KardiaChain team was distributing KAI token allocations to their corresponding vesting smart contracts, exactly according to our tokenomics.

The transfer of all tokens took place at 15:00 GMT+7, 27th of June 2020.


2. KardiaChain (KAI) official token metrics and release graph.

Currently (1st of June 2020), the circulating supply is 25% of total supply — which can be checked via Etherscan.

3. Hiwallet listed KAI

We were excited to announce that HiWallet1now support KardiaChain, welcome to use Hiwallet to manage your KAI, you can send&receive your KAI by HiWallet!

Download HiWallet now at: www.hiwallet.rog


  1. KardiaChain Saigon FC Club joins the Futsal National Championship 2020

KardiaChain Saigon FC football club has just celebrated the team’s departure to the Futsal National Championship 2020. Prepared to attend the biggest futsal tournament in the country, the club has trained extensively, with the goal of achieving the best results in the tournament.

Time: Thursday, 04.06.2020, at 4pm China time GMT + 8 (3pm Vietnam GMT + 7)

2. Results of KAI holders Season 1 was out!

Top 20 holders was accounted for by: 24:00 GMT+7, 31/05/2020 (snapshot of top holders on etherscan, excluding exchange and locked tokens)

The package will be a surprise. Congratulations! We are grateful for having you with us.

Users have claimed their rewards HERE.

3. KardiaChain Twitter Q and A

As there have been surging numbers of questions about KardiaChain in the community lately, we have opened our official Q&A section on Twitter. Please feel free to drop your questions, we will try our best to give clear answers as soon as we can.

Official link: https://twitter.com/KardiaChainQA

4. AMA with BlueSea community (Vietnam local community)

KardiaChain joined an AMA on Monday, June 8, 2020 with the BlueSea Vietnam community! (On the occasion of our recent partnership with Vietnam’s Youth Union, and KAI being listed on several exchanges such as Gate.io, IDEX, ViteX, Hotbit, Bilaxy, Hoo). AMA’s guest was none other than Tri Pham CEO / CO-FOUNDER of KardiaChain and Astrid Dang — Head of Marketing and Partnerships to join community live question section.

There was several exciting updates for the Vietnamese community during this AMA, which took place at 19:30 (UTC + 7) on June 8, 2020.

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA at Blue Sea and congratulations on answering questions in AMA

5. AMA and QUIZ with GAINS chat community

Date: Monday, June 15 at 13:00 UTC.

Place: GAINS Discussion

Hint: visit the KardiaChain Website, and their sticker package to learn more.

Summary of the AMA with KardiaChain:

In this AMA, Tri Pham, CEO of KardiaChain, joined the GAINS community to tell us about his project.

Read more on Medium

6. Vietnam Blockchain Movement campaign

The blockchain writing contest has successfully ended over the course of the past two week (From 17–31 May) and we have had the statistics reported on 1 June.


KardiaChain was hosting this writing competition “Build The Vietnam Blockchain Map” for Vietnamese blockchain enthusiasts with co-hosts Conflux.

Winners have shared the attractive prize pool of $2020 (~50,000,000 VND)

With almost 45.000 followers from Vietnam Blockchain Movement on Facebook Group (total 100,000 reaches over ecosystem and shared by co-hosts), 220 Blockchain related posts submitted, 165 eligible published posts, nearly 500 comments and 6000 reactions, increasing the number of members by 6000 new ones.

7. KardiaChain Tournament: Scavenger Hunt Round 1

We are extremely grateful to our community for the overwhelming support! We launched the first round of a short campaign for KAI community members consisting of three rounds in total! Members can share a prize pool of up to $1000 USDT after completing all 3 rounds. The last round will be an amazing fact that we want you to find out!

The deadline for finishing the quiz was 24:00 GMT+7, 29th of June 2020. Round 2 has started on 30th June.

List of questions in Google form: https://tinyurl.com/KardiaChainScavengerSeason1

8. Round 1 of KardiaChain Scavenger Hunt has completed with great results.

KardiaChain team was very impressed with community understanding about KardiaChain. Congratulations to the RED TEAM on winning round 1 with > 80% of correct answers!

Red team was eligible for the second round: “KardiaChain Exhibition” — Show us your love by creating creative work about KardiaChain. It could be a sketch, mindmap, infographics, paintings, graffiti, gifs, poems, mottos, short review paragraph, short videos… or any type of creative content you can create. Please submit it directly to @KardiaChain Global Telegram with hashtag #KardiaChain_Scavenger_Round2!

KardiaChain team (50% voting power) and the community will vote (50% voting power) to choose the 8 best contributions. The Vote will be opened when we receive more than 4 submissions. (Submission Deadline: 23:59' July 3, 2020. Round 2 will finish on July 4).

After the submission time, we have chosen 8 most creative producers as winners of Round 2

Please check here for the work they created and the votes they got!

The chosen products should:

- Be creative

- Help convey a correct message with a worthy content

- Have a decent number of vote (At least 10)

The official announcement of the Round 2 winners will be published on t.me/KardiaChainOfficial with a guidance to join Round 3 (this time members will join by team again).

Hope you enjoy the show and thank you all for participating.

1. Marcus @rueisnax = 67 votes https://t.me/kardiachain/59753

2. Divlji @Divljibucak = 59 votes https://t.me/kardiachain/59478

3. Essah @Essah10 = 45 votes https://t.me/kardiachain/59609

4. Quyen Tran @oidiotso = 38 votes https://t.me/kardiachain/59585

5. CLOVER @Cody123 = 14 votes https://t.me/kardiachain/59370

6. lee @leethomson = 13 votes https://t.me/kardiachain/59292

7. Engima @seantos = 10 votes https://t.me/kardiachain/59489

8. Sean @jjmcd = 10 votes https://t.me/kardiachain/59344

Winners will proceed to round 3, in which you can have the opportunity to share the pool of up to $1,000 in rewards! Don’t miss the chance and follow us! Please make sure you already joined t.me/KardiaChain, t.me/KardiaChainOfficial and follow our Twitter to be eligible to go forward.

9. AMA with our strategic partner from China TOP Network

KardiaChain’s strategic partner TOP Network will have their CMO, CFO @topnetwork_top Noah Wang hold an AMA in the @KardiaChain Telegram group. Noah Wang is the Co-Founder of TOP Network, a Silicon Valley-based tech firm developing a business-friendly public blockchain and the world’s first blockchain-based cloud communication network.

Thank you, our dear community for your continuous support! Don't go too far away because July will also be eventful!

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