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KardiaChain Monthly Report: August 2019


KardiaChain — World’s first fully interoperable & non-invasive blockchain platform


KardiaChain is the blockchain of blockchains. It is a scalable and interoperable blockchain platform for decentralised applications. KardiaChain offers a non-invasive connection between any public and private blockchain, allows the transfer of both assets and data between blockchains and applications on top of them. It provides the infrastructure to leverage the collective strength of participating blockchains including high processing power, fast confirmation time, low transaction fee, … laying the foundation for blockchain mass adoption.

KardiaChain use cases are ranging from Smart City, KardiaChain “Fully Decentralised Cross-chain Exchange”, Supply Chain, Education, Medical, Recruitment to Sports and many more.

KardiaChain Saigon Futsal Club

Did you know that KardiaChain has a Football Club named after KardiaChain Foundation?

➡️ CHECK HERE: https://www.facebook.com/KardiaChainSaigonFC/

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KardiaChain FC joins National Futsal League

Thank you our Football fans who have been cheering our Football team and continuously support us along the way.

KardiaChain Saigon Futsal Club is joining the National Futsal League.
Check out and follow our dear players for their upcoming battle — the Futsal National League.

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KardiaChain AMA with Conflux

KardiaChain x Conflux AMA was hosted with Topic: “Blockchain Adoption in Vietnam” on 6pm GMT + 7, August 13, 2019 (7pm China time), in Conflux Wechat, by Language: English
With the presence of our Chairman Eric Hung Nguyen joining the AMA.

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KardiaChain Wechat Opening

Please don’t forget to join our Wechat group by scanning the QR code above to be more updated with our Wechat community and news! Thank you for your support.

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KardiaChain Gamer Program

On the occasion of Vietnam Independence Holiday and new month of September with a great deal of good news and progress, KardiaChain hosted a KardiaChain Gamer Campaign for community to earn reward with the Total Prize Pool of 10,000,000 VND (~$450). 708 members already joined the Game, learn more about our project and wait for the Lottery drawn by our own Testnet.

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Hanoi Innovation Summit

KardiaChain was happy to join Hanoi Innovation Summit family of +100 sponsors and partners, with prominent companies, business leaders and elite speaker lineup, happening on 29 & 30/8/2019.
in National Convention Center, Hanoi.

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Conflux AMA with KardiaChain

We have hosted a successful AMA with Conflux on their WeChat group on the 13th of August. This time the joint AMA with Conflux took place on our own @kardiachain Telegram channel on Friday, 30 August at 6:30 pm Vietnam time GMT + 7 (7:30 pm China time). The topic was “ETH X100" and how to achieve this.

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We have released the completed sticker package with our mascot Green Dragon.


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