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KardiaChain Pioneer Program- Round 1 — Ideas : Projects summary

Just over the last week, KardiaChain Pioneer Program received a number of exciting ideas entering the competition. This marks the enthusiasm for blockchain technology reaching new heights among the Vietnamese and international community.

We have high hopes that once these DApps are fully developed, they will contribute greatly to real-life blockchain applications and boost consumers’ everyday blockchain usage.

There are a total of 14 ideas in multiple fields, ranging from finance, real estate, technology, video games, and even outdoor sport. Let’s find out about our contestants’ ideas below:

Idea 1: Karpos Finance.

Project’s owner: Bara Foundation.

Solution provided: Offering crowd loans for leverage trading


By participating in the Karpos protocol, you can act as many roles as you want in a strategic way: a barn host, a capital subscriber, a strategist subscriber, a token holder, or even an arbitrager.

A barn host is the one who will use KAO token to host the barn for other subscribers to join, and they can configure the barn terms on their own opinion.

A capital subscriber is the one with a high commitment to deposit the amount of installment every barn round period for others to utilize your fund and earn interest on it.

A strategist subscriber is also a capital subscriber but can take advantage of the fund collected by each round in a barn cycle to make a leverage trading with KAIDEX, but their balance will be controlled under Karpos smart contract instead of their wallet.

A token holder can simply hold a KAO token and earn a passive income of underlying assets being mined/burned every day. They can also use it or sell it to strategist subscribers for barn leverage trading fee.

An arbitrager can differentiate the price of KAO with underlying assets to make some profit between exchanges.

Karpos tokenomic is yet to be completed, but it’s planning in a way that’s the team. The investor could only benefit from it as the protocol grow up. KAO also incentivizes more assets on other chains to delegate on Kardia dual-node and lock it for liquidity yield farming (detail in the flow chart).

Diving deep in the crypto-verse with Karpos, you will have a chance to build a reputation to become a capital maker, who is deciding on what should be invested gathered by crowd assets.

Idea 2: Kephi Gallery:

Project’s owner: Kephi Gallery.

Solution provided: An NFT Gallery for everyone with low fees


Kephi Gallery will be a marketplace where artists from different disciplines can share and monetize their work. From visual arts to music, from movie clips to even theatre, every artist is welcome to mint their NFT and start trading their pieces of art.

Kephi Gallery là một nền tảng mà các nghệ sĩ thuộc các lĩnh vực khác nhau có thể chia sẻ và tạo thu nhập từ các tác phẩm của họ. Từ nghệ thuật thị giác đến âm nhạc, từ phim ảnh cho đến kịch nghệ, mọi nghệ sĩ đều được hoan nghênh tạo ra NFT và bắt đầu kinh doanh các tác phẩm nghệ thuật của mình.


Project’s owner: Cryforce Studio:

Solution provided: an NFT mining video game built on KardiaChain blockchain.


Users can craft unique characters like robot miner, robot transporter, robot analyst, and more to enjoy the space mineral mining gameplay.

Minerals can be turned into GEM for upgrades. If players receive a rare GEM, they will receive rewards from KAI Galaxy Pool. KAI Galaxy Pool is filled up when users pay KAI to trigger upgrade mechanics.

The game features auto-play and a marketplace to trade characters.

Idea 4: Becoswap

Project’s owner: Becoswap

Solution provided: YIELD Farming, AMM Swap (after KAIDEX launch), Launchpad, NFT Market.


The Becoswap project is already available, and they plan to build their own SDK to integrate with the KardiaChain blockchain. The ultimate goal is to create more sources of yield farm, AMM swap on KAIDEX, launchpad, and an NFT marketplace for users to gain the best benefits in trading KRC20 tokens.

Idea 5: Timer Node

Project’s owner: Hung Dao

Solution provided: Through the timer node, users can create a new schedule consisting of a time in the future, the future transaction definition, and the fee in KAI to be rewarded to the invoker timer node.


The project’s owner realises that blockchain technology should have a timer to benefit users. Therefore, he came up with a combination of DApp as an interface and a timer node to replicate the timer function.

A timer is useful to send transactions or interact with a dApp at a specific point in time in the future, such as scheduling a transaction every day, temporary escrow, or simply writing a blockchain recorded note to yourself ten years.

Kardiachain block time of 5 seconds is perfect since the interval is short enough to fit most real-life use cases. The timer will round up or down to the beginning of a 5 seconds interval.

Idea 6: KAI raffle

Project’s owner: Hung Dao

Solution provided: A raffle DApp to send KAI rewards for everyone.


Supposedly a host wants to create an event to send KAI for a random person.

The host will create a raffle via a dApp, and everyone who wants to join will also interact with it. The host then draws the raffle, and dApp will pick a winner and send the fund to him/her.

Idea 7: Give me a hand

Project’s owner: Thai Duy

Solution provided: A project to inspire peer-to-peer fundraising for individual causes on on blockchain.


will be a Dapp to create a passive income source from your fans. The DApp uses the Near token as the backend and completes the process of the transaction as well as page web, account 100% on Near. Users can choose the coin (in Near, etc.), title, message they want to support.

Some noticeable features:

Easy to use.

  • Do not store personal information.
  • Fast settlement speed.
  • Extremely low fee.
  • 100% free and user-centric for better development.

Idea 8: KAI Lend.

Project’s owner: Vu Huynh Nguyen Nhat, Head of engineer at 2359 Media Singapore / CTO of Upmesh.io

Solution provided: A Lending protocol for KardiaChain


The use cases for this protocol are extremely helpful and can help solve many cash flow issues for investors and generate a decent income for fellow holders. The protocol aims to provide various types of collateral and better fee utilizing the advantages of KardiaChain special features.

Idea 9: TINCNC Platform

Project’s owner: TINCNC

Solution provided: The TinCNC is a platform to make on-demand manufacturing projects.


Develop a blockchain that uses NFT for the digitization of industrial production contracts.

When using TinCNC to place an order, it will choose the right, and trusted supplier, manufacturers.

#TIN token will play as an insurance asset for tracking and release accordingly with the product’s progress.

Idea 10: The Giving Token

Project’s owner: Matt Browne

Solution provided: A project to inspire peer-to-peer fundraising for individual causes on blockchain.

Brief: Campaign organizers will create a campaign page and a story. This story will solicit crypto donations. Campaign donations will be held in the GVNG token wallet. Stakers of the GVNG token will enjoy network benefits. The more crypto you donate to other people, the more GVNG tokens you will acquire. GVNG tokens will be reflective of the goodwill you spread to others in need.

Idea 11: DigiRob

Project’s owner: Roberts Slegelmilhs

Solution provided: Unlimited accounting data & info exchange. No borders for bookkeeping & taxes


DigiRob is a DApp that will utilize machine learning to transform business accounting data from sender to receiver in proper data format, regardless of systems, countries, etc.

Data & information will be validated by validators — well-known companies in the world of data automation.

DigiRob app will use machine learning.

Ideas 12: Cryptocurrency paying

Project’s owner: Rishab Gupta

Solution provided: Build a payment terminal that could be synchronized with the exchange.


To get ready for the upcoming trend of cryptocurrency can be used in replacement of fiat currency, the owner proposes creating a card link with users’ wallets and Apple wallet or Android. Payment can be made by cryptocurrency instead of Fiat currency at the payment terminal (NAPAS, OPOS) without going through a complicated transfer system.

Idea 12: Earn For Life

Project’s owner: Bikram Singh.

Solution provided: EFL is a utility token where you can buy any real estate asset, with no restriction of value anywhere around the globe with just a click away.


DApp is used to help users invest and buy properties anywhere globally without going through any paperwork, middleman, and credit check. The DApp will have multiple groundbreaking features to revolutionise the real estate industry, bringing power to users with unique and profitable experiences.

Idea 13: Calories

Project’s owner: Eat More Salad team

Solution provided: Blockchain for outdoor sport exercises (jogging, swimming, etc.)


CALO token can be traded with the number of calories burned through your exercise habit.

Tokens can be redeemed for various rewards from Eat More Salad team’s partners.

App for convenience will be available on iOS and Android.

Have these projects attracted your attention yet? Join and vote for your favorite projects in our Telegram community: https://t.me/kardiachain

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