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KardiaChain welcomes CBO (Chief Business Officer), ready for reaching critical mass

Achieving blockchain mass adoption is undoubtedly challenging due to the challenge of conveying the blockchain technology to the masses, as well as key players in the traditional industry. Mass audiences must be aligned to ensure that networks are incentiving and have active participation, paving the way to our ADapp development.

Gaining trust from traditional business is what we at KardiaChain have always been proud of. More than that we also receive thoughtful recommendations about our way to approach the mainstream from one of the most prominent KAI holders in the traditional Vietnam business space Johnny Tri Dung, who has a unique entrepreneurial background and connections with multiple influencers in the entertainment industry in Asia. He has been one of the first players of Facebook Vietnam team, working as Partner Manager dealing with the whole partnership including Agency/ Edu/ Key client partner for the whole Vietnam. Together with Facebook, Johnny also set the foundation for Youtube in Vietnam, working closely with the Youtube team to grow the Youtube Community from a small group of creators to a leading Youtube marketing in SEA.

Johnny has been an entrepreneur for many years, starting his own company BIG CAT Entertainment Group since 2015, functioning as COO & Co-founder, which was acquired by Asia Innovation Group (AIG) in 2016. He has been the CGO of GalaxyPlay, the №1 licensed Video-on-demand service with the largest copyrighted film library in Vietnam. One year earlier, he was also CEO & Co-founder at Compare.vn — a price comparison model such as kakaku.com from Japan, which reportedly turned down a $1.5m offer from YDM Korea.

He had a great journey throughout the South East Asia region, which is also one of the most crucial markets for KardiaChain. He was a Regional Director, Asia Pacific of CleverAds Corp where he found other offices in the region such as Philippines one, besides the successful Indonesia case from 3 people in September 2010. Under his lead, at the end of 2013, CleverAds Corp. portfolio covered a wide range of 100+ big clients from Telco, FMCG… to most of the top E-commerce players in Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines… with an impressive growth of 220% per year, continuously in 4 years.

He has also worked extensively with Tiki as Director of Strategic Business Development, Tiki is the leading ecommerce platform in Vietnam and top 5 in South East Asia, and ranked as top 1 working place of ecommerce in Vietnam. He also worked as Senior Business Manager of Catcha Digital Asia operating in Singapore to restructure and optimize workflow in Catcha Digital Asia.

We’re thrilled to welcome Johnny to the KardiaChain team. He shows keen market insights and industry practices while we are stepping into one of our most important milestones, Mainnet launch end of 2020 and being heads down developing products. Therefore, without further ado, Johnny will be setting new strategies and best practices for growing and strengthening our audience in mainstream non-crypto business, ready for reaching the critical mass!

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