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KardiaChain will lead blockchain education at Funix — Vietnam’s top 1 online university

Founder of FUNiX Nguyen Thanh Nam and KardiaChain CTO Huy Nguyen signed the partnership agreement on 1 July. At the signing event, Mr. Huy Nguyen — CTO, Co-founder of KardiaChain, and Tech Lead Manager at Google believed this is a solution to help young people set foot in the challenging blockchain technology industry. KardiaChain also recognised the quality of Blockchain courses at FUNiX to meet the recruitment standards of businesses in this sector. The partnership has been covered on VNExpress — the largest newspaper in Vietnam.

Source: https://vnexpress.net/kardiachain-tang-100-suat-hoc-bong-blockchain-tai-funix-4124504.html


FUNiX Online University is a member of FPT Education, officially launched on October 13, 2015 and opening the first course on November 20, 2015. (FPT Group is the largest information technology service company in Vietnam with its core business focusing on the provision of ICT-related services. Up to now, FPT has been present in 45 countries and territories around the world, including Vietnam, the United States, Japan, Korea, China, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, France, Slovakia, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc. In Vietnam, FPT is present in 63/63 provinces and cities nationwide. The Company is with 6 subsidiaries and 4 associates. FPT Education is amongst 6 subsidiaries.) FUNiX has been conducting training programs for FPT University through online form, majoring in Software Engineering, degree of Regular University, Department of Software Engineering, FPT University, Ministry of Education & Training. Starting with the bachelor training and certificate in Information Technology, FUNiX is and will expand the scope of IT training as well as other fields through cooperation model with universities and educational institutions in Vietnam and around the world.

To kickstart the partnership, 100 scholarships for the Blockchain course at FUNiX will be awarded to young candidates who have knowledge and passion for Information Technology, especially new and hi-tech. The scholarship programme is built based on partnership between FUNiX — FPT Online University and KardiaChain on 1 July.

Along with awarding 100 scholarships, KardiaChain’s CTO will hold the position of Head of Blockchain Infrastructure Developer Training at FUNiX. The company will also contribute to improving the curriculum so as to match the recruitment standards of businesses and market trends. In addition, the company sends experts to teach, mentor (guide) at FUNiX and provide internship opportunities for students to practice and enrich their work experience.

“I totally appreciate FUNiX’s approach in renewing learners’ minds. Through this partnership, the company hopes to bring practical knowledge and experience to people who are passionate and interested in blockchain, creating a competitive advantage for human resources in the technology sector to contribute to Vietnam and our company,” said CTO Huy Nguyen.

Commenting on blockchain, CTO Huy Nguyen considered blockchain as a technology that can bring breakthrough applications in all aspects of life. The solutions that blockchain provides, especially smart contracts, will help people to reach simple agreements and cooperation without requiring mutual trust.

Mr. Huy assessed that the blockchain industry in Vietnam is highly potential and has its own advantages. Unlike the US or Europe, Vietnam is still in the process of digital transformation, blockchain will not have to compete to replace the legacy systems, thereby it is easier for organisations to apply blockchain.

Also according to the CTO, the younger generation in Vietnam is talented and agile in approaching IT. Open government policies allow everyone to create and fulfill their start up dream. However, blockchain is more difficult because it requires general and in-depth knowledge of finance, computer science, coding, as well as community development. Furthermore, since this is a new technology, the resources such as literature, complementary solutions, and manpower for it are still limited.

KardiaChain was founded in 2018, with the ambition to bring equality of opportunity to everyone through the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. The company currently has 30 employees concentrated in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and three offices in Silicon Valley, Seoul, and Singapore. KardiaChain team has experience in learning and working from many universities and large corporations in the world (including three Tech Leads are engineers of Google).

The company is actively seeking qualified candidates for system infrastructure with the knowledge and experience in blockchain platforms. Knowledge of Golang, Solidity; operating experience, system analysis, and business analysis will be a great advantage. Besides, the enthusiasm, agility, and desire to bring value to life are also highly appreciated by this business.

KardiaChain scholarship information:

- Criteria: Third year students or older or experienced people in the IT sector; knowledgeable about object-oriented programming, capable of programming with a universal language (C, C #, Java, Python, etc.); basic knowledge of web application programming with HTML, Javascript, passionate about learning and working on blockchain.

- Registration deadline: July 31

- Course duration: 6 weeks

Vietnamese version:

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