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KardiaChain’s “Invisible Wallet” ADapp blockchain adoption strategy

KardiaChain heavily utilizes ADapps in our Mass Adoption Strategy, the “Invisible Wallet” is the underlying concept in our ADapps. Learn more about ADapps.

KardiaChain’s mission is to onboard 100 million Vietnamese population onto blockchain. Our philosophy to achieve this goal relies heavily on maximum efficiency, adoption scale and impactfulness.

The “Invsibile Wallet” is the concept behind our ADapps that boost adoption efficiency, by significantly reducing entry barriers for non-crypto users and virtually eliminating the learning curve usually necessary for onboarding non-crypto users. KardiaChain virtually spends no resources to educate the market/users to use our blockchainized products/services. Let’s have a closer look at “Invisible Wallets” and learn more about how KardiaChain is able to achieve blockchain adoption in such an efficient manner.

Invisible Wallets in a nutshell:

  1. Custodial blockchain wallets automatically assigned to new and existing users on KardiaChain ADapps
  2. All user private keys are managed by KardiaChain
  3. Existing users are onboarded in a seamless manner, hence the term “Invisible Wallet”

Invisible Wallets are a crucial concept in our ADapps that serve as a tool to reduce entry barriers for non-crypto users. The top enterprises and government bodies that KardiaChain collaborates with have sizeable existing user bases, by decentralizing their existing products/services and integrating our KAI token economy, our ADapps are then capable of onboarding all of their existing user bases by simply assigning/creating a KardiaChain wallet for all users, both new and existing. All private keys are managed by KardiaChain, eliminating learning curves for our enterprise partners as well as their users. Depending on the ADapp, users are able to use KAI tokens for various purposes. For example, our first ADapp ON Sports allows any registered user to easily acquire KAI tokens via our OTC gateway to play prediction games, donate to their favorite football player or complete in-app tasks.

Main benefits of “Invisible Wallets”:

  1. Remove entry barriers for non-crypto users by onboarding them in a seamless manner onto blockchain
  2. Remove learning curve for enterprise clients and non-crypto users alike, by managing all addresses and private keys
  3. On-board large numbers of non-crypto users in an efficient manner

To achieve our mission of onboarding 100 million Vietnamese population onto blockchain, KardiaChain will continuously strive to ease the enter barriers for non-crypto users through effective means.

Vietnamese version HERE.

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