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KUSD-T: The first KRC20 USD-pegged stablecoin for the best DeFi experiences

KardiaChain always aims to be the top-of-mind blockchain infrastructure for both crypto and non-crypto users in Vietnam. We strengthen our position even more with a three-way collaboration between VNDC, Nami Exchange and KardiaChain to issue the first USD-pegged KRC20 token. All for a seamless trading experience.

Original article in Vietnamese by VNDC:

In order to support upcoming DeFi products on KRC20 blockchain infrastructure and help Vietnamese users to have a better approach to these projects, three powerhouses VNDC Wallet, Nami Exchange, and KardiaChain are in collaboration to issue KUSD-T. This cryptocurrency is equivalent to USDT. KUSD-T will run on KardiaChain’s KRC20 and is guaranteed by USDT on VNDC and Nami Exchange.

Users can own KUSD-T by sending USDT (TRC20, ERC20 or BEP20) to VNDC Wallet and NAMI Exchange or purchase directly via DApp, and then users may withdraw KUSD-T on KardiaChain KRC20. KUSD-T is expected to launch on both VNDC Wallet and Nami Exchange at 8 p.m GMT+7 on 18 May 2021.

The perk of owning KUSD-T is the ease of trading on KRC20 on all DApps powered by KRC20, such as KAIDEX and other upcoming DApps. Stay tuned to receive news of the official launch of new products in the near future.

About VNDC Wallet.

VNDC Wallet is one of the most common DeFi DApps in Vietnam with over one million users. VNDC Wallet provides features for users to easily own, and offer collateral lending digital assets with fast settlement speed. VNDC is a launchpad for blockchain projects to approach millions of VNDC Wallet users. VNDC Wallet is now available on both iOS and Android.

About Nami Exchange.

Nami Exchange is a CEX developed by Nami Corporation, which focuses on financial products such as Exchange and Futures. Nami Futures offers margin products with leverage up to x125. Nami Exchange currently serves more than 100,000 users with a daily transaction volume of $10 million.

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