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LABS Group and KardiaChain to kickstart NFT mass adoption in real estate market

“Accessible blockchain for millions” has yet again achieved a new milestone at KardiaChain. One of the best use cases is the tokenization in the prosperous real estate market.

KardiaChain has been working hard to explore the potential application/adoption of NFT in addition to the existing NFT Hunger Game product and the NFT platform for authentic art collectibles. Real estate is one of the most valuable types of investment with longevity in profit. The team is delighted to announce the strategic partnership with LABS Group. LABS will utilize Kardiachain Dual Node as cross-chain technology and KAIStarter as the platform to expand the real estate NFT marketplace. This will open a brand new offer for investors who have appetite in real estate. With strong belief in the capability of blockchain, LABS Groups and KardiaChain are ready to transform the industry.

NFT adoption potential in the global real estate market

Blockchain technology adoption in digitizing traditional properties and providing property ownership with validation, security and transparency is the future of how to do business. For traditional investors with conventional methods to approach properties, blockchain unprecedented application in real world assets.

The greatest advantage of blockchain technology is the capability to connect the secondary decentralized global market at anywhere, anytime. NFT with its nature of holding the true characteristic of each property without being duplicate would provide transparent information for investors in decision making such as transaction history, ownership, sales record and any other related data.

Furthermore, tokenization of a property would unlock a huge amount of capital from retails. Through tokens, complicated requirements and high minimums of entry are no more barriers for investors and retails to participate and earn benefits in property investment.

About LABS Group

LABS Group prides themselves on being the world’s first real estate tokenization business’ LABS Group provides an end to end real estate investment ecosystem based on blockchain technology. LABS works a mission to disrupt the global real estate market by giving investors more accessible traditional properties via digitization asset, fractionalisation and crowdfunding. Such values would bring the true investing power to investors, allowing them to gain higher liquidity through the secondary market. Moreover, they aim to eliminate the disadvantages of the traditional real estate market such as high entrance/exit costs, liquidity issues, limited accessibility, etc.

L.A.BS Group’s ecosystem record is filled with promising opportunities. Only recently, they announced partnership with the NYSE listed Xinyuan Group with more than $1 billion in properties ready for digitisation.

On 15 March 2021, LABS Group announced its IDO (Initial DEX offering) on Uniswap along with a reward of a 5-star seaside property in Phuket, Thailand. This activity has boosted LABS Group value x30, attracting attention to all traditional investors for a new change of how real estate could be done in the future.

Find out more about LABS Groups:

Website : https://labsgroup.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/labsgroupio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/labsgroupio

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/LabsGroupio/

Website | Official Telegram community | Official Vietnamese community |Official Announcement | Reddit | Medium | Twitter | Linkedin








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