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Pre-minted DKAI guidelines for long-term KAI Stakers

As we always said, all loyal KAI Believers are rewarded handsomely for being a part of our journey. We will pre-mint DKAI for our past and present stakers who have staked on Mainnet for over six months. The rewards will be distributed according to specific tiers as follows:

  • 1,000- 100,000 KAI staked: will receive 1,000 DKAI
  • Over 100,000–1 million KAI staked: will receive 10,000 DKAI.
  • Over 1 million — 5 million KAI staked: will receive 50,000 DKAI.
  • Over 5 million KAI staked: will receive 100,000 DKAI.

Now that’s a lot of Diamond KAI to take in!

Please help yourself to fill this form and check your eligibility to receive pre-minted DKAI:


If you are eligible, the pre-minted DKAI will be sent to your wallet when you participate in the KAIMOND Program.

All those being a KAI Diamond Hand will have the special privilege of reserved private allocation and early sneak-peek about the upcoming KardiaChain’s incubated project, the first blockchain MOBA game Thetan Arena. Simply claim your benefit with DKAI to reserve yourself the “best seat” in the house.

For more details about the KAIMOND Program, please check our KAIMOND landing page:




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