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Recap of AMA about My DeFi Pet at Satoshi club with Thang Huynh — KardiaChain’s Chief Scientist

Topebox Cofounder Tommy and KardiaChain Chief Scientist Thang Huynh discussed how the two companies join hands to build a cross-chain NFT game, My DeFi Pet. The game will do an IDO on KickPad on 27th April.

Topebox is very enthusiastic about blockchain technology. They consider KardiaChain as the top 1 blockchain infrastructure in Vietnam with their unique invention Dual Node, along with low fees and full functions. These advantages are the reason why they seek to have My DeFi Pet powered by KardiaChain.

Original AMA recap from Satoshi club link:

We were delighted to welcome our guest from My DeFi Pet. The AMA took place on April 21st, 2021 and our guests were @TomiDpet and @SaneDr.

The total reward pool was 500$ and was divided into three parts. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — Introduction and questions from the Telegram&Bitcointalk community

Thang Huynh: Hello everyone, I’m Thang Huynh KardiaChain Chief Scientist.

Tommy | My DeFi PET: Im Tommy , Coo from Topebox.

Thang Huynh: @TomiDpet would you like to start first, please?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: I have more than ten years in game moble development. I very interested in blockchain . My Defi Pet is the first project game for NFT.

Thang Huynh: I recently moved back to Viet Nam from the US to join KardiaChain. I got my PhD in Mathematics at New York University, so I’m quite a mathematician by training 🙂

Tommy | My DeFi PET: My team is very excited with My Defi Pet , which many cute Pets . I hope get more feedback form Satoshi Club about this game , and we will do it better.

Thang Huynh: Kardiachain’s CEO, Tri Pham, and CTO, Huy Nguyen are my highschool classmates. My DeFi Pet is the first project that Kardiachain has incubated. We’re very excited for it. Since the successful launch of KardiaChain mainnet in late 2020, we constantly focus on building a solid and valuable ecosystem. Gaming is among our top priorities for blockchain adoption. We work closely with TopeBox on the concept, the core game loop, and the character design. We also help them with tokenomic design TopeBox is exceptional in game development, and we are very proud to support them with the smart contract layer and also infrastructure layer. Launching on both Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain is challenging yet rewarding, since we are able to bring this exciting game to a broader audience. As you know, KardiaChain’s vision is blockchain mass adoption. So we usually think of what sector we should put our affords on. We came up with gaming because of the young audience. While working with TopeBox, their passion about blockchain technology make us to think why not work hard with these smart guys.

Q1 from Telegram user @johana0012

My DeFi Pet brings the traditional gaming experience and DeFi features to NFT collectibles. The developer version is available privately and the Alpha version opens during April with basic features like collecting, breeding, and trading. When is the DeFiPet release date set and on what platforms will it be available? What is the chain implemented to achieve greater user traffic? Will My DeFi Pet have governance? What benefits do you expect to acquire from KickPad?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: 14 May will be official launch, include APK download and web version PC and Mobile.

Thang Huynh: “What benefits do you expect to acquire from KickPad?” I can answer this question as I’m in charge of crypto part of My DeFi Pet project. KickPad is KardiaChain partner. We’ve been working with them for a while and really love the team. KickPad uses Binance Smart Chain, and in the future possibly leverages KardiaChain’s dual node technology. Launching on KickPad, My DeFi Pet can gain exposure to BSC audience.

D. Папа Роуч: so game will be support kardiachain and bsc, as you mentioned, but will player be able to send transactions easily between these two blockchains or they will need to cross some kind of bridge to interact with one or another blockchain?

Thang Huynh: It’s also easier for us to get funding. yes, that’s our dual node 🙂

D. Папа Роуч: nice! 👍

Thang Huynh: KardiaChain’s Q2 main goal is launching our dual node. BSC and Ethereum are the first two that we will do

D. Папа Роуч: we actually have question about dual nodes in the first part, so please don’t tell us too much now 😄😉

Thang Huynh: In the future, people can trade their DPET tokens and NFT from KAI to BSC and vice versa easily

D. Папа Роуч: this is awesome 👏

Thang Huynh: Will My DeFi Pet have governance? I can also answer this question too. Yes, My DeFi Pet will have governace. Users can vote for new features and settings of the game to earn special rewards. They can also lock DPET tokens for a certain time to gain voting power. Aka, more DPET locked, more voting power ==> more chances to win rewards. we also other options: Staking (hence DeFi in My DeFi Pet name) and Play to Earn. As for staking, users can stake DPET tokens into pools. Different pools will yield different returns such as new items, new eggs, or DPET tokens. If one doesn’t like staking, then Simply playing can also get her/him

DPET tokens via mission and social mining.

D. Папа Роуч: thank you for answers! ready for the next question?

Thang Huynh: sure, my pleasure

Q2 from Telegram user @ninoska0012

Currently MyDeFiPet is in collaboration with KickPad in this new frontier of games and blockchain technology. Topebox has been founded by industry veterans and focused its efforts on mobile gaming at its core, achieving mass market and social appeal through gaming. KickPad is known for its dedication and success in the crypto space. What benefits are expected to be obtained through this association? What extra features will MyDeFiPet get with KickPad? What are the actions that users can take and what reaction will each one bring? How to know if the service offered in the games is transparent?

Thang Huynh: “How to know if the service offered in the games is transparent?”I think Transparency is one of the main reasons we moved from centralized world to decentralized world, don’t we? If My DeFi Pet is a centralized game, then Topebox may create some hot characters that they can keep or manipulate. But when using blockchain technology, it would be easier for users to check it. And I think bringing transparency to non-crypto users is what we tried to convince Topebox team. To know whether a feature/character is transparent or not, you can check transaction on BSC scan and Kardiachain explorer. We hope that DPET token holders can also stake their tokens to earn DPET tokens and other kind of NFTs.

D. Папа Роуч: this is cool opportunity 👍 thank you for the answers!

Q3 from Telegram user @meml97

My DeFi Pet is described as “ A virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality”. But, something that isn’t very clear to me yet is the “our own personality” part, can you give us more information about this? How will we be able to add our own touch to the game? Will there be customizable features within the game like being able to decorate our pets living spaces? Or maybe be able to banally change their skin colors?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: Customization is great, but not necesary because there are many pets with many skin and color created by smart contract. We just do the part of collecting.

But yes, you’re also right. Customisation would be a great fit to gamers who want to go over the top and get more involved to the game.

In later phrases of the game, we will integrate APIs from 3rd party apps such as health tracking or entertainment app, says Music or Video streaming. Based on your daily activities and usage of those apps (privacy protected), the game will bonus players unique points/tokens. These unique bonuses enhanced particular traits of your pets making it more and more personalised.

For example, if you do run a lot then your pet stamina traits are increased. Or if listening to different music genre, give your pets different bonus wearables.

Tommy | My DeFi PET: I think that’s great for this question 😄 We’re eager to answer the next ones!

Q4 from Telegram user @V1ct0r_26

On Pet/Monsters games that are most of the time for mobile devices, the playability of such games are very limited because they always try to push users to purchase boosting objects or energy to keep going. Will this be the same case on My DeFi Pet? Or will user be able to have a full game experience and purchase things if that’s what they want to do?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: The good news is there is no Energy control, users can play as much as they want and purchase what they like. The target is to collect and breed more and more Pets. Then they are able to trade, sell, or exchange the prize. You can get rewards in DPET tokens for doing daily tasks, so actually it’s free to play and play to earn.

D. Папа Роуч: awesome! My DeFi Pet is not pay to win, it’s play to earn! 👌

Thang Huynh: When will be the first event? @TomiDpet

Tommy | My DeFi PET: On launch 😄 And you all may know the date. 14 May as I mentioned earlier. I’m ready for the next question.

Thang Huynh: Ah I see. To be clear, May 14 is the game launch date. My DeFit Pet IDO is next week, not May 14

D. Папа Роуч: super important date as well ! 💪

Q5 from Telegram user @mctrho

I was reading about the project on your Medium and I could see that Topebox will use KardiaChain’s unique dual node technology to incentivize the “play and win” principle. Can you tell us a bit about the dual node? How does it work? What is the basic function of dual nodes? Is it solely developed by KardiaChain? Is it totally safe and reliable?

Thang Huynh: ah, that’s my turn

At KardiaChain, we invented Dual-Node, a non-invasive cross-chain technology. Dual-node allows DApps to perform different actions on different blockchain networks simultaneously. We call this ability to trigger actions on one chain from another chain — true interoperability. Dual-nodes have access to the ledger date of KardiaChain and another blockchain (e.g., BSC, Ethereum, etc.) By running a dual layer consensus, they can carry any data between blockchains while preserving the on-chain cryptographic proof. Being said that, I would say it is safe and reliable due to its fully decentralization nature and secured by KardiaChain own consensus layer

D. Папа Роуч: can you will easily interact with any existing blockchain?

Thang Huynh: We wish. But the answer is no. KardiaChain has to decide which blockchain to integrate. Ethereum and BSC are our first choices. Our next choices will be based on our community votes 🙂. Possibly Polkadot I guess

D. Папа Роуч: very nice! Eth and BSC are two the most popular blockchains now, so it’s — must — to integrate them 👌

Thang Huynh: yup, definitely

D. Папа Роуч: true, not really comfortable

Thang Huynh: It’s also complicated with NFTs built on ETH, and you want move this to BSC. it would be a nightmare with current Eth fees 😄. with our dual node technology, you can buy 1 BNB using ETH more conveniently. think of it this way

ETH <-> KAI, and KAI <-> BSC, where <-> is dual node

then you can buy BNB using ETH by the way that goes from ETH <-> KAI <-> BSC

In term of My DeFi Pet, as I said from the beginning, people and move their NFTs from KAI to BSC and vice versa easily or they can trade DPET tokens with either KAI or BNB

D. Папа Роуч: this is kinda cool, so it’s not pegged assets, you use Eth to swap to real BNB?

Thang Huynh: despite KAI is not on BSC. it’s not pegged assets.

D. Папа Роуч: wow, this is awesome👍 i should definitely try this

Thang Huynh: KAIDex is working on it. The idea is quite similar to Thorchain, but we use our dual-node technology. I would say

D. Папа Роуч: big thank you for answer and info!

Q6 from Telegram user @Andrey_Seleznov

How will the battles work is PvP 1 on 1 or multiple users at once? How many pets can each side use, do you have a limit on the combined stats value or something similar to make sure combatants are more or less equal in strength?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: We will introduce battle mode, the players can setup their own team with 5 pets. They will join the battle and fight each others, the winner will take the reward.

D. Папа Роуч: your battle system similar to any other battle system from some popular games or you created your own one? special for your game

Tommy | My DeFi PET: This is similar a tournament . The result is belong to stats of these pets .

Part 2 — Live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram User @Korryl

So your pet is a NFT right? Do you have your own marketplace to buy and sell the NFT? Will you sell pack for pet ?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: Sure, we develop NFT Pet and sell it on NFT market place. For selling pack or pet, it really depens on the platform’s ability or our purposes. Flexible.

Q2 from Telegram User @JuanSB07

Your Telegram channel is @ mydefipet or @ mydefipetachat?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: Official channel is @mydefipet (global community) and @mydefipet_news as Telegram announcement channel

Q3 from Telegram User @ronaldo_super

How can I create a new monster on the game?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: You can breed, buy and trade the monsters to create yours.

Q4 from Telegram User @cryptonation2

What are your strategic partnership ? What are the name of ventures capital firms invested and what benefits can be received ?

Thang Huynh: My DeFi Pet is very excited to attract a list of reputable venture capital firms which are at their strongest in NFT (Animoca Brands), DeFi (Spark Digital), product development and strategies (Axia 8 and Bixin Ventures), blockchain well-established (DFG) and blockchain community resources (M6). My Defi Pet is proud to be born from KardiaChain and fully incubated by Kardia Ventures.

Q5 from Telegram User @csgonub

You have great game characters. Who is creating them?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: Our product design team of course. Mostly female team members. Surprised :D?

Q6 from Telegram User @testercoin

Is this a pc game or is it a mobile game? Can I play My DeFi Pet on my mobile phone?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: Yes, for Android we will have APK, or you can use web mobile for iOS.

Q7 from Telegram User @mobilejii

✅✅What are the security measure adopted by My Defi Pet project? Are there any audits been done of smart contract?

Thang Huynh: Yes, our smart contract is audited. We will announce it very soon 🙂

Q8 from Telegram User @centoscu

Did you create any games before my defi pet NFT game project?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: We launch a list of games and obtain more than 100M+ installs from these previous games. You can search “Sky Dancer”, “Pocket Army”, “Sky Garden”, “Politaire” to name but a few on Google Play/ AppStore and check it yourselves 😊

Q9 from Telegram User @Xusuo

I see that My DeFi Pet work under 2 blockchain Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain, could you explain why using 2 chain for a NFT game? Especially KardiaChain, why using KardiaChain?

Tommy | My DeFi PET: KardiaChain is top 1 in my country. So yes, when thinking of blockchain, our team seek for them.

They built the very own infrastructure which is cheap fee, and full functions. Esp. their Dual Node, we consider it an “invention”

Q10 from Telegram User @cryptonation2

How much fund was raised in private round of investment? What are the plans for public sale?

Thang Huynh: we raised nearly $900k. As of public sale, we will raise $125k

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part we tested your knowledge in terms of My DeFi Pet. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for quiz was 300$.

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