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KardiaChain Tournament: Scavenger Hunt Round 1

You can share a prize pool of up to $1000 USDT after completing all 3 rounds. The last round will be an amazing fact that we want you to find out!

The deadline for finishing the quiz was 24:00 GMT+7, 29th of June 2020
Round 2 starts today, on 30th June.
List of questions: Please find it in Google form here: https://tinyurl.com/KardiaChainScavengerSeason1
Below is the answer key to help you know the correct answers!

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1. Join t.me/KardiaChain global telegram group and Subscribe to news channel t.me/KardiaChainOfficial
2. Follow https://twitter.com/KardiaChain
3. Retweet: https://twitter.com/KardiaChain/status/1276493582237495296
4. Answer the quiz in Google form

Q1. What is the most outstanding technology for KardiaChain to connect blockchain?

A. Dual Node



D. Nexus

Answer accepted: A

Q2. Which is the 3 KardiaChain’s interoperability ability in “Archi” testnet?





Answer accepted: A

Q3. Which is KardiaChain’s partner in terms of Sports?

A. VietFootball

B. KardiaChain Saigon Futsal Club

C. VFF (Vietnam Football Federation)

D. All of the answers

Answer accepted: D

Q4. Which are some of the KardiaChain’s partners in blockchain?

A, Samsung, Band Protocol, CertiK, Vite

B. LG, CertiK, Morpheus, Contentos

C. SK Telecom, CertiK, LG CNS, akaChain

D. LG CNS, CertiK, Matic, Band protocol

Answer accepted: D

Q5. What is KardiaChain Facebook fanpage’s name?

A. KardiaChain

B. Kardiachain Technology

C. KardiaChain Foundation

D. KardiaChain Organization

Answer accepted: C: https://www.facebook.com/KardiaChainFoundation/

6. Is KardiaChain a cross-chain focused project?

- Yes

7. A project that is highly competitive with KardiaChain?

- Cosmos (Polkadot, ICON are also accepted answers)

8. What is KardiaChain’s Ticker?


9. KardiaChain is developing most strongly in which international market?

- Korea (South East Asia, China are also accepted answers)

10. What technology helps KardiaChain drive transactions between blockchains in order to optimize costs and transaction speed? (5 abbreviated characters)


10’. What does Kardia mean?

- Heart

11. Which is the official sports unit that KardiaChain is partnering? (3 abbreviated characters)


12. Which is the top security project that KardiaChain has established a strategic partnership with?

  • CertiK

13. Which is the event hosted by KardiaChain that had an opening speech by a government official?

  • East Asia Blockchain Summit: Road to mass adoption

14. What is the score of KardiaChain’s smart contract audit by CertiK?

- 95

15. What is the most outstanding technology KardiaChain can connect to any blockchains?

- Dual Node

16. What is the name of the corporation that KardiaChain engineers have experience working with in Silicon Valley?

- Google

17. What is KardiaChain’s consensus algorithm?

- BFT dPoS

18. What is the name of the Finale Game that KardiaChain’s Esports launching event cooperated with?

  • Arena of Valors

19. What KardiaChain technology allows developers to deploy smart contracts on both KardiaChain and on other blockchain platforms?


20. Which is the name of the 2 tokens that KardiaChain’s inter-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) exchange can directly transfer on-chain? (xxx-xxO)



22. What is KardiaChain’s special feature to help connect with other platforms compared to other interoperability projects, allowing to connect both private and public blockchain (without making other blockchains change)?


- non-invasive

23: What is KardiaChain’s ADapp? (Full name of ADapp)

- Adoption Dapp

24: What is KardiaChain’s upcoming use case in fintech?

- Mobile payment gateway

24: Does KardiaChain have native token? What is it based on now? Will it be swapped to native token after mainnet?

- Yes, ERC20, Yes

25: KardiaChain’s ADapp “ONSports” also belongs to which government enterprises partner?

  • VTV Cab Sports

Congratulations to the RED TEAM on winning round 1 with > 80% of correct answers!

Red team is elligible for the second round: “KardiaChain Exhibition” — Show us your love by creating creative work about KardiaChain. It could be a sketch, mindmap, inforgraphics, gifs, poems, mottos, short review paragraph, short videos… or any type of creative content you can create. Please submit it directly to @KardiaChain Global Telegram with hashtag #KardiaChain_Scavenger_Round2!

KardiaChain team (50% voting power) and the community will vote (50% voting power) to choose the 8 best contributions. The Vote will be opened when we receive more than 4 submissions. (Submission Deadline: 23:59' July 3, 2020. Round 2 will finish on July 4).

Winners will proceed to round 3, in which you can have the opportunity to share the pool of up to $1,000 in rewards! Don’t miss the chance!

Please make sure you already joined @KardiaChain, @KardiaChainOfficial and follow our Twitter to be eligible to go forward.

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