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TELEGRAM Q&A with CTO ~HUY NGUYEN — ~March 02, 2021

  1. When can we expect to see more transactions on the blockchain from onboarding current partnerships, Q1 or Q2?

We already onboarded few partners to test out, but # of txs would not really be escalated until Q2.

2. Are there any companies using KSML and your SDK as sort of early developers?

KSML is NOT implemented yet. Our internal team is still the only one who is doing that. SDK for the mainnet is already used by many partners like Stably, VNDC etc. to build DeFi app on us.

3. One concern is that the team is happy with the price of 20x 30x.

No, we never said that we are happy with x20 or x30. One thing I want to make very clearly is that you can see the team don’t have any unlocked token. We even locked back our private sale part. So x20 x30 or x100 does NOT matter to us. We want the stable increase rather than the big pump and dump, as we stated many times. But we understand community desire and still working on getting listed on big exchange. Since you brought it up, I want to share my personal opinion that KAI is nowhere near the market cap that I can be happy about. For that you can assure we are not satisfied that easily :)

4. What about the progress of the esport platform? Is the team in the plan for Q1 or can it be delayed until Q2?

Hopefully we can provide you an update toward EoQ1. We maybe close, but if not, will be early Q2.

5. Is there mainnet version upgrade coming this month?

Not this month, but in Q2, when we have Dual Nodes integrated. That will be a hardfork.

6. If Kai dex is launching soon, when will we start drumming up the hype about it?

To me the DEX is a big thing and a gamechanger and the thing I’m most looking forward to so far as it will solve problems in DeFi right now thus lowering the entry barrier to crypto even more.

KAI DEX is a big thing and we are working on a good marketing plan for it. Many might think that it’s good to get a big hype on it now (which is tempting), but we want to make sure we cover all the corners before starting promoting it. We will start the marketing efforts when we think the product is ready, which is hopefully soon.

7. Do you think KAI can be marketed as an NFT project since there is a plan Pokaimon NFT this year?

KAI is a smart contract platform so people can definitely build NFT projects there. You will see multiple NFT projects coming soon.

I am confused why dual node exists if all the resources are going into mass adoption and there’s no marketing plan for industry adoption, like DOT has xx number of companies building out platforms against it.

8. When will this happen with KAI or is that not the focus?

Regarding “competing in interop blockchain space”, the Dual Node hardfork + KSML feature (in our roadmap) is the stepping stone for anyone to build crosschain application. As in whether we want to compete with DOT or COSMOS, I’d say we will do what we do, and if there comes to the point of “competition”, we will have to show our value and how we can better. We are not afraid of the competition, though we don’t really see how it will happen, when this is a big blue ocean and none of us are even capturing the good part of the market yet. The Dual Node is the critical selling point for bridging private-public blockchain for any enterprises/government to take us seriously. DOT/COSMOS has huge investment and have different play in the crypto space. KAI has our own strategy to play in our backyard and solidify them before going global.

Does the rising price of Kardiachain have a positive or negative effect on the barrier for companies to join?

The tx fee in KAI is ~1VND (almost free because smallest VN denomination is 1000 VND ~4c) so none of our partners have any concern about the price at this point. If the price flying high (~x100?) could start to become the barrier, we can always propose a new “network change” similar to the minimum staking that we have done before.

9. How is your funding situation?

Our fund is enough to sustain the project for the next few years, if not lavishly spent on all these marketing front + t1 listing. We are also backed and invested by other big traditional business partners in Vietnam, so growing adoption is the main focus, not to raise money.





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