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The game-changing KAIDEX is here!

We are launching KAIDEX V1 to all KRC20 tokens and native KAI. In addition, cross-chain trading is on the horizon as we will introduce V2 later this month.

All KAI Lovers and KAI-Lovers-to-be are now able to enjoy a decentralised trading experience from any device. KAIDEX is available on the web version and within the Kardia Wallet mobile app.

The KAIDEX integration on the KardiaChain mobile wallet is the result of our mobile-first mentality for all users. KAI holders can now manage, stake, and trade on their phones simultaneously within one single app. Moreover, the app runs with the best efficiency to rival the counterpart web version with constant real-time updates and seamless functionality for users to gain the most benefits in trading.

In this V1 launch, KAIDEX’s available features are as following:

  • Full support for KRC20 tokens and native KAI pairs.
  • Slippage tolerance customisation.
  • Liquidity pool management.

During the closed beta launch, KAIDEX has achieved over $394,000 (Số này em lấy đang có trên KAIDEX) volume and xxx TVL.

The launch of KAIDEX V1 marks the completion of phase 4 in our KAIDEX roadmap. KAIDEX V2 with the cross-chain trading feature will be introduced later this month.

Trade now at kaidex.io

KAIDEX guideline:

Install Kardia Wallet extension on Chrome.

Access KAIDEX at kaidex.io

Click “Connect to my wallet”. The wallet will integrate with your address on the Kardia Wallet extension.

Click “Exchange” tab. Choose your desired token pair.

To Buy, enter the buying amount, KAIDEX will automatically estimate the number of tokens you will receive. Customise the slippage tolerance to your preference. Click “Buy” then “Submit”.

To Sell, select “Sell” option and enter the selling amount, KAIDEX will automatically estimate the number of tokens you will sell. Approve the smart contract of your selling, then click “Sell token” then “Submit”.

To add liquidity into any pool, click the “Pool” tab. Choose your pair of tokens, enter the number you wish to add, then approve both tokens. After submitting both tokens approvals, enter the number of tokens, click “Add liquidity”, then “Submit”.

And now you are all set to use the KAIDEX for the best decentralised trading experience.

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