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The Last Testnet Goes Live — Final Step Toward Mainnet

The last version of our testnet is live today. Testnet 3.0 “Fengari” is the final step toward KardiaChain Mainnet. The name Fengari, meaning Moon in Greek, symbolizes the starting point of our 420 days voyage announced previously. Introducing the essential features of mainnet, Testnet 3.0 Fengari allows staking and implements full BFT dPoS consensus. Fengari is a perfect sandbox for our partners to try out and integrate KardiaChain into their products and services. Everything is lined up for a complete ecosystem launch starting in 2021. Now, let’s discover what’s in Fengari here: https://explorer.kardiachain.io

In this release, we achieved over 6000 TPS in the local development environment. The network can support almost-instant block time (~1sec), with a stable 5-second block time under the stress test. Testnet 3.0 showcases KardiaChain’s innovative and breakthrough technology, bringing along several extensive events to incentivize the public to access and try out. This testnet will technically be very close to the upcoming mainnet, starting with 21 genesis validators and five boot nodes to secure the network. Fengari handles Tx Pool more efficiently, allowing for faster processing. The implementation of consensus has also been improved, significantly reducing handshake time and confirmation time between validators. Wallet & Explorer improvements cover Instant Transaction loading, Instant Transaction Hash search, Instant faucet token reception, Searchable Single address transaction history fully available address transaction history, UX & UI enhancement.

Please read more details on the Technical report HERE.

Fengari is a culmination of many technical, UI, and UX improvements that our team has completed based on the feedback and bug reports from our beloved community. The release includes various new technical features and numerous enhancements. To celebrate the occasion, we are launching a massive Bug bounty program with 1,000,000 KAI pool rewards. We thrive for a better finish on the sleek user experience of our mainnet. Users will be able to test and interact with smart contracts, stake, and become validators on our testnet through various activities in our campaign.

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