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Today the opportunity to swap your ERC-20 KAI to mainnet KAI begins at 7 pm (GMT +7) and will remain open for 72 hours and with no max cap.

Please follow the instruction carefully and be sure to watch our video tutorial. If you are still unclear on the process then join us in Telegram where our admins can help answer your questions.

Please take the following steps PRIOR to swapping;

1: Move ERC20 KAI to an ERC20 wallet. (you must own the private key/mnemonic phrase)

2: Create a Native KAI web wallet (wallet.kardiachain.io) and copy the address.

3: Access swap.kardiachain.io from the ERC20 wallet (Metamask) — On your browser visit the swap website whilst logged into your Metamask extension


We will close the token swap pool at 7 am, January 11, 2021 (GMT+7)

The token swap pool will be burnt and re-issued in KardiaChain mainnet by 7 pm, January 11, 2021 (GMT+7)

After that time, you should see your ERC-20 KAI converted successfully and visible in your KAI Web Wallet.


This guideline explains the step to swap ERC-20 KAI from your ERC-20 wallets to Native KAI token (KAI in the mainnet)


  • KAI Web Wallet is here: wallet.kardiachain.io
  • ERC-20 Wallet is any kind of wallet used to store ERC-20 tokens such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, Ledger, Atomic Wallet, etc.


  • Do NOT send ERC-20 KAI directly to our token swap smart contract
  • Do NOT send ERC-20 KAI from exchanges to KAI Web Wallet
  • Do NOT send ERC-20 KAI from ERC-20 wallets to KAI Web Wallet.


  • If you did NOT have a KAI Web Wallet address yet, create one here: wallet.kardiachain.io
  • OR If you already have an ERC-20 wallet address and want to “clone” the same address in KAI Web Wallet, you can visit wallet.kardiachain.io, and log in with the same credentials (Private_key/Seed_phrase/Keystore).


  1. If your ERC-20 KAI is in exchanges i.e. Kucoin, Gate, Bittrex, MXC, etc.
  • Please move your KAI to Metamask (preferable) or any other ERC-20 wallets and continue the step below.

2. If your ERC-20 KAI is in Metamask wallet:

  • Go to swap.kardiachain.io
  • Login to your Metamask wallet
  • Click on the “Swap” button
  • Select the amount of ERC20 KAI you want to swap
  • In the “To” field, enter your KAI Web Wallet address that you want to swap (Add the native KAI wallet address) ERC-20 KAI token to.
  • Please double check you can log in to the KAI Web Wallet address before you swap; otherwise, if you can NOT access the KAI Web Wallet address, your fund will be lost.
  • Click on “Swap”, wait for the transaction and it should be completed.

3. If your ERC-20 KAI is in any other ERC-20 wallet i.e. TrustWallet, AtomicWallet, Ledger etc.

Connect your wallet with MyEtherWallet or Etherscan

Approve the KAITokenSwap contract to transfer your ERC20 KAI

Deposit ERC20 KAI to swap to mainnet

Read detailed steps HERE.

or visit

Website | Official Telegram community | Official Vietnamese community |
Official Announcement | Reddit | Medium | Twitter | Linkedin | Kakaotalk



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