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Token Swap Round 2 — You Spoke, We Listened

Hi Kardian’s,

Since our Mainnet Launch last week we have been inundated with requests from the community to open another round of token swap, and as you all know by now, we aim to please!

This Thursday will mark round two of the swapping process, enabling more of our community to take advantage of the lucrative early staking rewards!


· 26–29% APR delegator rewards thanks to early participation in securing our network

· Learn to use and navigate your sleek new web-wallet and KAI explorer

Thursday will require participants to use non-custodial wallets, this means that you are the owner of that wallet’s private keys/mnemonic phrase. Those of you who store their KAI tokens on Kucoin or our other trading partner platforms would need to ensure you have set up a wallet that will allow our smart contract to interact with your KAI ERC-20 address, Metamask, and Trust wallet are the two most popular and simple to use.

During stage 1 of the swap, we had minor issues for those members of the community who utilize the Ledger hardware wallet. This has now been rectified and we will provide a “plug-in” similar to Metamask for you to take part without issue.

We will provide step by step walk-throughs on exactly how this process works, for now, we just want to ensure you all have something exciting to look forward to this week and are able to plan for it in advance!

This window of opportunity will be open until Sunday 10th of Jan at 7 pm. On Monday, those who have participated will have their ERC-20 KAI tokens swapped 1:1 for the native token and they can then be delegated to a validator of their choice or simply store their token safely in the wallet.

In the coming weeks, we hope to bring as many KAI ERC-20 holders onto our native chain as possible! If you have any questions in the meantime please join us on Telegram where our team of Ambassadors and group administrators are always ready to help.


Cautionary Notice: Native mainnet KAI is NOT tradable yet. We are working with exchanges to complete the token swap, ONLY then can you start trading the mainnet KAI token.

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