Unveil the Kyokai Roadmap 2023

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3 min readApr 14, 2023


At long last, we are thrilled to reveal our vision and roadmap for the phygital journey ahead. This roadmap stands for our absolute trust in the blossom of the blockchain era with the evolutionary development of related technology. We have made many significant achievements, and for now, let’s dive into the roadmap for the next phase of Kyokai in 2023 — early 2024!

Q2 2023

  • Release Kyokai Whitepaper: This detailed document serves as a valuable resource for understanding the new technical aspects, capabilities, and direction of the new journey of blockchain mass adoption with Kyokai solutions as the spearhead.
  • Provide phygital solutions for Item component: Show how Kyokai overcomes the limitation of certain challenges in bridging physical items to the digital realm via the physical-backed token technology while creating new opportunities for authentication, tracking, and added value. Additionally, Kyokai continues to conduct research and development to further enhance and expand the capabilities of this solution.
  • Pilot Figiverse-alpha- Web3 gaming profile: A platform where individuals can showcase their gaming achievements and progress through Onchain data. Gamification offers a personalized and interactive experience for users in the emerging world of web3 gaming. This will open new ways for users to explore the blockchain, perhaps beyond games.
  • Hardfork Kyokai: 🤫

Q3 2023

  • Provide phygital solutions for Activity component: We expand the implementation of our anonymous tracking system beyond running and walking. The innovative approach combines physical and digital elements to provide valuable insights and data for optimizing activities and improving user experiences.
  • Launch Figiverse — Gamification blockchain UI for the mass: a non-crypto user-friendly and engaging platform for accessing and interacting with blockchain-based assets and experiences. This UI aims to lower the entry barriers for non-tech-savvy users, driving broader adoption through the abstraction of heavy concepts and fostering a mainstream user base.
  • Expand to the 2nd country in the SEA: A strategic move to apply what we learnt to a new market and establish a stronger presence. This expansion involves taking the initial steps to enter new markets, broaden the customer base, and extend the reach of Kyokai solutions and products in the Southeast Asian region.

Q4 2023

  • Provide phygital solutions for Location component: The all-rounded solution to transform real-life locations into a metaverse space, including 3D models, blockchain assets and token-gated access. With innovative methods for simulated interactions, this will open up new possibilities for location-based services and experiences.
  • Provide phygital IDs for businesses: Introducing a Web2.5 Passport system to simplify the onboarding process of Web 2 users to the Web 3 environment. On a grand scale, this solution also makes it easier for individuals and businesses to adapt to the evolving digital landscape and leverage the benefits of Web3 technologies.
  • Introduce an open NFT canvas for artists and designers: Allows individuals to freely create and own NFTs from their creative works or physical possessions. This tool empowers artists and designers to tokenize and personalize their digital assets, providing new opportunities for ownership, monetization, and creative expression in the fast-growing NFT ecosystem.

Q1 2024

  • Expand to the 3rd country in the SEA Market: TBA
  • Pilot AR-VR collaboration/integration: Offers users a first taste of the true phygital experience by combining augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to explore the potential of AR-VR collaboration and integration, creating immersive and interactive phygital experiences for all users.
  • Introduce Kyokai 2.0 — Support multiverse multichain: The evolution of Dual Node Technology to provide a “cloud station” with seamless interoperability across different blockchain networks, making it a true multichain solution. A whitepaper of the Dual Node Next-gen will soon be available to give comprehensive insights into how the Dual Node helps KardiaChain blockchain infrastructure works as the fundamentals to make Kyokai blockchain-agnostic.




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