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KardiaChain continuously strives to assert its position as a blockchain mass adoption market leader. To onboard as many non-crypto users as possible in the most efficient manner, KardiaChain adopts a new unique business model.

Instead of attempting to enter new markets and building new solutions from scratch, KardiaChain leverages our unique business acumen to bring blockchain technology to the masses in the most efficient way by collaborating with top enterprises and government bodies to decentralize their existing solutions/services. By doing so, KardiaChain is able to onboard existing user bases on a large scale, while at the same time major costs associated with market education and user acquisition can be saved.

So what exactly is ADapp?

“ADAPP” — Adoption Decentralized Application

ADapp is a flexible solution that allows for easy integration with existing solutions/services by decentralizing certain components. In simple terms, ADapp is a hybrid blockchain solution that combines centralized and decentralized systems. Our technology further encompasses hybrid public-private chains. All the above in combination with our unique KSML that enables multi-chain smart contract deployment creates truly maximum flexibility for our customers and developers alike.

Benefits of ADapps

Hybrid centralized and decentralized solutions:

  • Allows major enterprises that are not yet willing to fully decentralize their solutions to test blockchain technology in specific parts of their systems
  • Allow flexibility for customers that don’t need to be fully decentralized i.e tokenization of a certain aspect of a service.

Public-private blockchain:

  • Enterprises that wish to keep certain data, operations or processes confidential can run a certain part of their system on the private chain
  • Private chains also provide exceptional scalability, therefore tasks that require high throughput can be run on the private chains
  • Information that requires transparency and security will run on the public chain, ensuring maximum efficiency and flexibility and reducing trade-offs.

Blockchain technology is still in its early stages, organizations are hesitant to utilize this cutting edge technology. However, 2021 is the year where enterprises are beginning to experiment with blockchain. KardiaChain aims to reduce entry barriers for new customers by offering highly flexible solutions.

First ADapp — ON Sports Mobile App

We are proud to introduce our first “ADAPP” — Adoption Decentralized Application in collaboration with Vietnamese National TV (VTVCab, ON Sports).

ON Sports is Vietnam’s top sports content focused on football news and media. Football is so popular in Vietnam, it has become a part of national identity. With fans being immensely passionate about the national football team. The Vietnamese National Football Team receives donations in hundreds of thousands USD after each major victory on a regular basis.

ON Sports have chosen to run their ADapp on KardiaChain, a live version is already running on our Testnet “Archi”, successfully onboarding ON Sport’s 200,000 user base and 800,000 football fans on KardiaChain. Download ON Sports on Apple Store and Google Play HERE.

Our collaboration with ON Sports (VTVCab) is an ambitious one, operating on a large scale, our work includes major partners like Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), Vietfootball, KardiaChain Saigon FC. We will develop a complete ecosystem for football fans in Vietnam, our aim is to make KAI tokens the only thing that you ever need as a football fan to enjoy football to the maximum, please read below to gain a better understanding.

In-app screenshots

KAI token usage and decentralization in ON Sports

So which parts of the ON Sports are decentralized and more importantly, what can users do with KAI tokens in the mobile app?

Prediction Games
Users holding KAI tokens in the ON Sports App are eligible to make football score predictions to win exciting football related rewards such as football match tickets, meet your favorite football player in person, football merchandise etc. ON Sports prediction games will be live very soon, please checck the demo below:

Prediction games on ON-Sports

Livestream Donations
Users will be able to send donations to their favorite football players using KAI tokens either during football livestreams, or even their favorite player’s personal livestream.

Daily Rewards
Users complete daily tasks such as reading articles, viewing videos or refer their friends to acquire KAI tokens as rewards.

Future Applications
The above usage cases are only the beginning, KardiaChain will continue to develop new use cases for football fans in Vietnam in order to create a complete football fan ecosystem with KAI tokens at its heart.

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