Karen Mallard, Candidate for VA’s Second Congressional District, Releases Campaign Video to Introduce Herself to Future Constituents

The video, shot in the district last month, allows Karen to share her story and progressive values with future constituents. A career educator, Karen has a local reputation as a grassroots activist and is a serious contender for the seat.

Friends of Karen Mallard released a campaign video Wednesday, already garnering national attention. The video, shot over various locations in Virginia Beach last month, showcases Mallard’s journey to candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Second Congressional District. From her working-class beginnings as a coal miner’s daughter in southwest Virginia to her lengthy career as an educator, the video allows voters to get to know Mallard as a fighter.

“I’m so honored to have to opportunity to run for the Virginia 2nd Congressional district seat and serve as a common sense voice for the constituents within the southeastern Virginia region,” said Mallard.

Mallard decided to pursue the seat in May of 2017. “After Betsy DeVos’ confirmation as Secretary of Education, I was livid” she says. “DeVos’ confirmation was the last straw of watching a Trump-controlled Congress enabling a dangerous agenda. I decided to run to fight against policies that are designed to turn back the clock of progress that has benefited working class Americans.”

Mallard was one of the first in the continuing widening field to officially announce her candidacy, doing so in August 2017. As the non-establishment candidate, she has obtained the endorsement of People’s House Project, a PAC dedicated to electing working-class candidates. She’s also gained support from local grassroots groups and activists.

“Karen’s video offers a glimpse of the progressive fighting spirit those of us who have worked with her know her to embody. It’s a great way for us to introduce her to future constituents,” said Emily Hoapili, Campaign Director. “Her consistent work in local activism and her volunteer role in 2017’s historic elections has established her reputation in the second district as a team player who has the best interests of its residents in mind. She will bring that fight to DC as an effective representative for southeast Virginia.”

The video can be viewed at https://youtu.be/9GutB9P-k3I.

Those who would like to learn more and get involved can visit our website at http://karenmallard.com.

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