Empty Space

I do not even know what to call this but you might need to read it more than once to see its relevance to what is happening in the world and in Nigeria. Please Enjoy.

A walk on the pavilion,
Thoughts rush, lost in oblivion,
Short paced steps like a minion,
Deprived of hope, the bane of a million.

The Crisis of the East,
The Collusion of The West.
That berth a nefarious beast,
That stirs the hornet’s nest.

The tyrant of a leader,
Left alone to kill his own people,
Silently applauded by that clown of a leader,
That knows nothing but to poke in the middle.

A land of tranquil, now of chaos,
Crumbled building is what they paid us,
For the price of a new nation that we seek to make,
Only leaves death, tears, and sorrows in its wake.

They brought education to improve the mind,
Through it, we have moved leaps and bounds,
But the class that makes the mind has not changed as you would find,
That development of the mind comes from a contrasting ground.

Watch the news and read a daily,
It abounds with sorrows, ads, and lies,
Makes you ask if the life we live daily,
Isn’t a script written by the wicked, as they watch with unperturbed eyes?

The old are wizened but not vast,
And oblivious to the modern vices,
Perhaps just happy to see child nurturing chores dissipate fast,
As they fold hands while the young’s future is chipped away in large slices.

Many have died but left an impact,
Their legacies is what still inspire,
The few who have resolved to stand and act,
To correct the debacle that might catch “fire”.

I only know of yesterday as I have lived it,
For tomorrow’s cards has an unknown ace,
But through the debris, turmoil and heat,
Is nothing as clear as this empty space.