Why is every house built with a Fence or Wall around? Why is the Fence or Wall built first before the house erected? What is the makeup of a Fence? At the point of demolition, does the house go first before the Fence?

Built to keep things from getting in or going out, that’s called a Fence and can also mean a Father. The Protector, Provider, the good guy and sometimes bad (if you know what I mean), the daughters 1st boyfriend and the son’s 1st bully to some, also he’s the 1st Citizen (Obama in his White House) and Spiritual Head of a home.

A Father always does what’s right by him even when someone on the outside can see it’s wrong and so does every man. He doesn’t need validations to acknowledge his actions because every act is a duty and responsibility to the family. By no means should the sins of the Father be carried out on the son but in this era the apple doesn’t always fall far from the tree. Never have I seen or waiting to see an African Father accept wrong for his dealings (ko le werk!) Those such times you don’t need to put it in the faces of the guilty they just know.

Fathers want you to be everything they aren’t and at the same time want you to be everything they are! We are all victims to this occurrence at some point. Guess its love at its finest as dem no fit talk am. They always want to do more good than harm the best way they know how. Fathers always have stories to tell no matter how small. Their limitations should be your start point and not your finish line. “You can’t always get something for nothing. Life owes you nothing but you owe it to yourself” (Denzel Washington)

Men growing to be Fathers need to understand that it isn’t compulsory for your kids to follow your footsteps but pick the best versions of both Worlds (Father and Mother) to become. What do I know, I’m just a kid trying to make it through manhood.

We all have our lives to live. If a man can’t manage his own home he isn’t fit to manage anything. A man needs to know how to prioritize. There is a difference between wants and needs. 20k that should be kept to be used for kitchen repairs shouldn’t be spent on a TV.

A Father might not give you everything you got to get but always remember your existence (Life) is because of him. We all always want compliments for efforts and tasks completed. No way will some give you that 5 mins of glory (Bro Ego at work!). The world will change but not a Father, his ideologies, logic and ways of life will remain the same. This is why even Otedola in all his riches will still use his Nokia 3310 (I know say I dey overdo am). They give their sweat and blood but if there are tears they will too cos that’s all they can give. Wives to such Men give up pieces of their lives (dreams & aspirations) for them and it’s a choice happily made.

The measurement of a Life well spent is a Life measured against your Father. Do you come up short or exceed? In everything know this that Parents give the best in them so we can be profound.

Just trying to make sense of it all.