Live Lost & Learn

How do we explain the unpredictable nature of Death? How do you explain 2 lives intertwined by a Death that left a mark on both? How do you explain the loss of someone? Have you ever noticed that if not all but majority of the stories start with “Once upon a time” or “Legend has it

Most stories aint true and usually don’t start how you expect. But they really start on some regular day with some regular person and they turn out fabulous. When everything is aligned as it’s supposed to be: success, love, joy & happiness all around and nothing could ever go wrong. The wind is like a wild horse no way of taming her, it’s just her nature but at some point we all lose our bearing. And then your world shatters, loosing that one person that steadied your ship on course and all that is left are irreplaceable memories or the last commitment agreed to.

This is where your mind becomes a VCR and starts to replay flashbacks, incidents, makeups or outs, and then reality kicks back and you’re all alone again. You keep seeing the items that reminds you of what you already missing. The sea is a lonely place when out there you might not see anyone around for weeks you sure would feel the lonely like a weight around your heart which means that aint supposed to be alone on our journeys that we need other people to know that we are alive and very much matter.

Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity. There are many people we would come across in our lifetimes, they always have a “Fire” about them. If they ever leave, you can just feel it because wherever and whoever they came in contact always believed a “Hurricane” just came through.

You can be there when someone is alive but not there when the sea comes. It’s OK… no one may be there which is the thing about people that die anyways but the ones that have the shit luck of having to go on without them. Some people try to hold on to their memories, while others try to forget it; either works and after enough time passes by, you find that you aint the same you used to be. Every inch of the surroundings you find yourself reflects what used to be which unfortunately isn’t easy to forget. But until you come to terms with your reality or events of your life either through breaking stuffs or fighting with loved ones there will be no step in any direction at all. Then the question comes up “Am I going crazy?” why because everything doesn’t make sense and not right! Until we have a eureka moment and put all the pieces back together.

There are times when you seeing certain people and it gives hold to a lost cherished soul that we refuse to let go deep down. But gradually letting go is the only healing. 33% of deaths happen when someone is watching. When your life turns on you, you go back to those places in your mind that made you happy, made you feel safe, sometimes it’s a spark of a memory of places we have been, things we have done before or people we knew or loved.

In the end it’s the people that left a mark on you that you hold on to. You wanna take them with you but cant. When in trouble you hold on to anything that makes you feel right again but it’s like holding on to water in your hands no matter how hard you squeeze it all drips away. Let the pain out, get your life back together and be bold to accept the reality.

Most stories are the same, the usual good guys and bad ones. Some happy endings and a few shitty ones. Our story isn’t the one we expect but the one we got. People end stores with “The End” or “Happy ever after” and I don’t think they are ever that simple.

67% of people die when no one’s watching but I couldn’t find out how many live while no one watches.

Just trying to make sense of it all.