Time Bound

What says the Time? Is there an infinite universal clock we all live by or a personal one we observe? If Time was an entity what will be our expectations? If you can see into the future would you love your outcome? Are we all not just Time bound?

I wondered as the bible said “there is time for everything under the sun, a time to eat and be merry, a time to plant and to reap, a time to live and die” but never at any point was there a pause. A static moment when everything stops. Can that be possible? (Thinking…) well that’s what we call Death.

But truly there is never a time stop but a continuous move or acceleration of time to achieve its aim. Which is what? What is purpose of Time in the real sense?

It’s the all supreme Leader and Guardian of the walls of Longevity of Man. (I think so!) And there are VERY few that can see pass time and get to a state of boundless relative possibilities. Where there are multiple entries/levels in their life long struggle for existence. The Fun don’t stop moments. But this is not so as commonly seen by all.

A designed life road-map has been inscribed in the brains of all humans. We are born, go through childhood, teens and adolescent, no pause or breaks and BOOM! You’re married and not long after, a kid or two are on the way and they begin, the Time cycle yet again! We are slaves to Time. At what point do we have a chat with Time? How can you push again a time barrier that has held us bound? Is there a push back possibility with him? (Uncle how far moments)

I believe each human is a multiverse (having many versions of self within 1 host). An entity of possibilities enclosed within a time capsule (Earth) and bound to make best use of it while we can. I believe in the beginning and the end, but what makes the end what we all call it? And is it truly the end or the pause/break I was talking about earlier.

The only constant with time is our Mind. The mind exists with time and it exists in the past, present and Future. Do know this, the best thing about the Future is it comes one day at a Time and even the Future will begin with Once upon a time.

There are days that define your store beyond your Life or Time. Live in the moment and make the best use of it!! Make sure the after effect of the moment defines the rest of your life because if we can beat Time we might as well enjoy it while in captivity (LOL!).

But as we continue this timely journey of life remember that we all have a special pact with Memory and we carry him everywhere we go which is strange as he’s bound by the orders of Time. Also make the best memories.

Look at your wall clock or watch and say to yourself the exact time. Look at it and see it change and realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.

Guess my time is up! Cheers!

“Just trying to make sense of it all”