What Is The Truth in Feelings Expression

What crime did we commit for many being stone-cold? How do many live without telling themselves the truth as it is? Without sharing our deepest thoughts to that someone or about that someone that our mouths may say what the heart truly feels or felt. Life aint always that easy but tell yourself it is.

It is said that African men neither process or express emotions because it is a sign of weakness that we deal with our issues like men and move on. Reason why girls get angry boyfriends or cruel fathers and boys grow up to be egocentric in nature due to the African way of Life. So shame! Many walk around with stress, anxiety and depression because a man that wears his heart on his sleeve is weak not knowing it is only the strong that speaks, expresses how he feels about anything and everything (not a talkative though). It’s a cruel world of people walking about daily with fuels of insanity driven by the forces of their inability to say how they feel when they feel to whomever it is felt towards. Also a shame many will go to the grave never looking “Fear” in the eyes and not quiver but be strong and say “not today

We all at some point act like we hate the world and the country we’re in but through our many gifts acquired in this very world everything comes closer so lovely. We never get to choose where we are born but we can choose where we die. Sometimes we’re fearless, kind and seem so invisible.

The need to always play it cool or to ease into affection but stating how you feel right when you feel it should be all we strive for. The tendency to always feel uncomfortable when one’s expresses his true feelings is a thing many don’t get and never will do till their graves.

Instead of saying wherever we feel like whenever we feel like, humans tend to put up guards, walls, shields and defenses not to feel… to simply not Feel! How pathetic! I do not believe we’re all this messed up or scared or trying to be something we’re not. We have got to let go of these imaginary barriers against your true nature. If we all went around saying the exact things we felt for the persons we feel for, we would all be happy. Not doing this has led to the death, destruction and chaos of millions as I write.

We always have the right word in our heads to say but always say the opposite or lie which is the new cool (what trash!!). The truth always feels like it makes you helpless or paralyzed but inherently it sets you free and liberates like a breath of fresh air. Many have gone through life and still living but never felt Euphoria in its awesomeness and splendor! The excitement at the announcement that your wife has delivered your child, meeting and telling the one you love you actually do and it’s being reciprocated, looking into the eyes of your one true love and saying “I do” at the altar or making a life changing discovery that changes the course of human history and yours as well e.g. the cure for cancer (if only that’s possible). Sometimes we all want to be real but fear no one will accept you because they think they truly have an idea of who you’re due to what you have exhibited already while others just don’t know how to be real. So do yourself the favour, say what needs to be said as at when it should be said.

Many a times we feel the need not to express ourselves like it’s an African thing to store it all up. “Hard man no dey show feelings” but a problem or feeling half shared is half solved. So it is said but truly it is because above all we gain a sigh of relief that a burden has been lifted. So today feel free to share! I’m always listening.

Just trying to make sense of it all.