How to build a Microsoft Chromebook

If you’ve browsed the depths of the Chrome Web Store — Google’s clumsily named Chromebook App Store — you may have come across a selection of great software from Microsoft. Yes, the company from Redmond also provides support for Office 365 on Chrome OS. Admittedly the “apps” are little more than shortcuts to Microsoft’s web based office suite, but it does give you a few unexpected options.

For example, you could theoretically replace all of Google’s built in Chromebook apps with Microsoft’s alternatives. You could even switch out Google Drive for OneDrive as the Chromebook’s storage location.

Obviously you’d still need a Google Apps domain to manage the Chromebooks, and you’d be administering two sets of user accounts — one in Google and one in 365- but I wonder if you could create a workable Microsoft Chromebook. A laptop with the cheap easily manageable hardware of a Chromebook but with the power of Microsoft Office built in.

Has anyone tried this before? Maybe I’ll give it a go!