How to create a niche for your business?

My wife is in Charleston for work around her ventures, and by chance she is staying at the aloft hotels.

What is fascinating and interesting is the value the hotel is that it is 2.1 miles away from the airport, and these crafty folks are marketing themselves a “re-fuel” -ing station but for travelers with layovers or a quick stopover.

Here is my assessment of what they are doing right:

1. The Power of Pink

When Steve Jobs took over Apple for the second time, he didn’t make any substantive changes to the mac operating system or the hardware even. He made computers that were traditionally beige and black, pink (and other visually appealing colors). Notice all of the most important elements of the page are pink: the “a” in aloft; the “map” link, the temperature, and most importantly the “Book Now” button. They have made this a sexy and interesting place to stay or go to for a short-stop over. Period.

2. Solved an Actual Problem

Aloft Hotel Website Screenshot

Most people hate airports — especially small ones: the food his horrible, the service is rarely good and only if you are willing to shell out some for the airport lounges, you are a bit out of luck. They are creating healthy and enjoyable food and drinks for the weary traveler, and giving them a place to meet outside of the airport.

2. Make it Easy:

Self-service kiosks for checking into your flight and a shuttle to-and-from the airport. They added value in all the right ways for being the go-to-spot for travelers with connecting flights?

At the end of the day, these folks could have focused on marketing towards the Charleston downtown amenities or that they are located in an Outlet Mall, but they choose to focus on re-fueling travelers who are there for a short-stay.

Let me know if you have spotted any standard businesses focusing on a niche.