Our Next Experience Airdrop Is At A-Bun-Dance Halloween in Los Angeles!

Celebrate Halloween with us this year in style and get free crypto!


We are super excited to announce that we have set our second official Experience Airdrop event at A-Bun-Dance Halloween in downtown Los Angeles, CA on Friday Oct. 26th. A mecca for creatives, artists and social renegades, downtown Los Angeles and the Grateful Generation crew are a perfect fit for continuing the healthy growth of our baby blockchain! This a special event celebrating love and artistic expression and is open to all!


All attendees, volunteers, artists and vendors will be able to receive a free airdrop of Karma Experience tokens called KEX by validating their presence at A-Bun-Dance. This is done at one of our airdrop nodes like the Mothership you see below.

A-Bun-Dance Founder Chris At The Karmaship Mothernode. Photo by Jess Bernstein

Just as much an art installation as a functional blockchain-running super computer and mesh network hub, the Mothership and her smaller Airship companions make Karmaship’s airdrop events super unique and fun. This is what Karmaship is really all about, making crypto enjoyable and easy to use for everyone!

Once the KEX airdrop is confirmed on the blockchain, the only thing left to do is delegate the KEX to the Mothership (or any other Supernode on the list) and begin Gathering Karmics (KMX), the transactional cryptocurrency for Karmaship. Every 30 seconds as a new block is forged, everyone Gathering on the Karmaship blockchain receives an equal dividend disbursement of KMX. KMX is matched 1 to 1 to Bitcoin’s price, is free to use and can easily be sent to any other profile on Karmaship with a few clicks of a button.

Here Are The Step-By-Step Directions For Claiming Your Experience Airdrop At The Event.

  1. Create Your Karma Wallet at https://wallet.karmaship.io (coming soon) on your smart phone’s browser (make sure to create a long passphrase no one else would guess. Your passphrase is your wallet so make it long and complicated!)
  2. Find an airdrop node like the Mothership at the event and present your ticket you received when entering to a Karma Agent.
  3. The Karma Agent will give you a 4 digit password to enter in the Airdrop section of the wallet. Enter that and click the ‘Claim Airdrop’ button.
  4. You will receive your KEX after 1 block (around 30 secs.)
  5. Once your KEX is in your wallet, you will now create your Karmaship profile name. (This name will be unique on the chain and how people can easily send you coin so make it memorable.)
  6. Wait another block and then your username will be set unless taken by someone else. Once set, you can now Gather KMX!
  7. Go to the Gather tab in the wallet and select a Supernode to delegate your KEX to. Select the Supernode and click ‘Gather’.
  8. That’s it! You are now Gathering KMX on every block!
  9. Check the Wallet tab to see your KMX amount updating every 30 seconds or so. Go to the Send tab to send your new KMX to friends and family with profiles as well as vendors and anyone else currently accepting KMX. Welcome to Karmaship!
Clevr Blends Accepting KMX At Outside In Equinox Fall. Photo By Jess Bernstein


As we thoroughly explained in our previous Bitcoin Experience post, this initial distribution phase of Karmaship, called the Karmada, is offering the ‘Bitcoin Experience’ to everyone on the chain. What this basically means is that, in order to fairly distribute out the initial coin to jumpstart the economy, Karmaship is mimicking everything Bitcoin does, from its max coin supply to its mining block rewards. Karmaship internally pegs KMX 1 to 1 with BTC and even follows the block height halving except Karmaship doubles the reward instead! This is a fun way to get people excited about the currency as well as make it easier for event producers and vendors to have a basis for the value of the coin.


Depending on the event turnout and event producer’s deal with vendors, KMX can be used and spent in a number of different ways. Because this is a decentralized micro-economy currently only accessible at these events or through friends who have attended them, the currency value is still very relative to whoever is using it. So vendors can be creative in how they accept KMX. We have developed a way that KMX can be symbiotic with the use of fiat currency. With this strategy, vendors accept traditional cash to cover their expenses and then charge full retail in KMX. This way they are getting all their profit in a tax sheltered asset. Another way to use KMX is as a rewards token for specific vendors who offer ‘crypto happy hours’ where certain items at certain times of the day are available for KMX only. The idea here is to have fun with this new currency for the people by the people!

The other extremely rewarding way to use KMX is by simply paying it forward to friends and family as a karmic act of good will. Since Gatherers are basically getting free coin for proving they went to an experience, they are the lucky ones who get to share the wealth. And since we need mass consensus to make this currency have true outside value, this is a great way to spread the love and create consensus! Also, because everyone on Karmaship has their own unique profile name, it is super easy to send KMX to anyone once their name is known. So send it forward and enjoy the crypto experience that early Bitcoin miners did back in the day!

Get Your Tickets Now!

You can get tickets to A-Bun-Dance Halloween here! Use the discount code ‘Karma’ (case sensitive) to receive a $5 discount and help us with vendor buybacks! The more people using the discount code means the more KMX you can spend at the event! We hope to see you there!

Mike Winner, Co-Founder of Karmaship and Alfa Vedic

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