Learning vs. Education

“We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control” ~ Pink Floyd, ​Another Brick in the Wall

tl;dr point-of-view on Learning vs. Education in one comparison table

Learning vs. Education

Learning: Practice, Intrinsic, Curiosity, Active, Starting with the Questions, Problem Finding, Creating, Anytime, Everywhere, Lifelong, Personal and differentiated, Associative, Journey, Natural, Learner is in Focus, Failure is a learning opportunity and part of the process, Depth, Individual Pace

Education: Theory, Extrinsic, Curriculum, Passive, Starting with the Answers, Problem Solving, Consuming, Schedule, Classroom, Partial, Standardized, Systematic / Sequel, Grades, Persuaded, Content is in Focus, Failure isn’t an option, Width,Group Pace




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Moti Karmona

Moti Karmona

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