Adventure #1

A Korean breakfast in a Monday morning?
How to buy a SIM card on a holiday?

My second morning was a calm and silent holiday morning. I just came to wake up early and go out for my first adventure. I really needed to find a SIM Chip for my phone, since walking around a strange city — where it's hard to find english speakers — with no internet and no communication wouldn't work for any longer!

I just couldn't find any store open where I could buy the chip, so, since I hadn't eat breakfast yet, just ended on a GS25 eating a triangle kimbap and a banana milk (the most awesome drink in the world). Frustrated about my lack of communication, I entered a random cafe to steal their free wifi for a while, so I could search for some of the mobile stores around the area. The SIM card I was looking for, a pre-paid one, is usually sold by any convenience store, but unluckily, the first one I entered, yes, in the kimbap one, the guy didn't get a word of what I was saying, so I just gave up and got out. The second one, didn't sell it.

I just kept entering all the convenience stores around, trying to ask about the damn chip. When finally a sweet attendant said — "네, 이지 카드가 있습니다! 2마원입니다." (Yes, we do have EG Card! It's 20.000 won.) Glory! I did it! I managed to talk to her in Korean and buy that. That was such an awesome feeling. I just left the store and my day was brighter. hahaha

♪~ You were my clarity,
I swear, alone in a daydream
Yeah there was magic in the air
And you were right here beside me
Held down like an angel with no wings
I wanna fly again
I just can’t get you off my mind
And now I’m gonna be up all night~
Up all night — Owl City

After that, I should try to make it work somehow. So I walked into a cafe to read the manual and figure it out. Since I was in Hongdae, I went to the wonderful 카페 꼼마 [Cafe Comma] a coffee shop/library/bookstore. The best place I could ever be. Ended ordering a lemonade since the day was pretty hot and then stayed there for almost 2 hours trying to make the SIM Card work. Frustrating stuff. Second stress of the day. It was supposed to be simple and easy. Crap! At least the lemonade was good and the music was awesome.

I wish I could have enjoyed this place more, reading books in Korean. But for sure, it will happen soon, since I'm studying hard!
화이팅! [Fighting! Be strong.]

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