This photo essay I did a while back in my uncles field last summer. Cattle are always so easily disturbed. The trick is to be as patient as possible, dont make a noise and let them know you can be trusted. As soon as they know that they bump you on the head with their nose.

Im starting off with this project because it seems to be one of photo essays that I go back to. I feel like I can look at any photo in this set and like them just as much as I did back when I first sat down to edit them.

I had an idea before starting this project to use Ektachrome, or a version of it to get the toning right. Preferably using a decent sunny light I could get the colour I was looking for. I sometimes look back on this and wonder whether I have over saturated the image or not. It almost looks childish or cheesy. I think my style is maturing more over time.

When I first started with a camera, I had no idea what I was doing. It eventually copped on to editing and eventually learning the tools I needed I decided I needed to experiment and chop and change various elements of the images. I normally stick to only editing that steps only one step into fantasy. Not photodocumentary style (Which I am trying at the moment) as in quite a neutral toning but more of a character, art, colourful and contrast tones.

I like a bit of drama in my photos. Something that catches the eye whther that is something serious, funny or ironic. Big and punchy with a tinge of reservation if my photos had to be described as a food.

After this set of photos, Ive found that cows are so much easier to photograph than people. Less noisey and less caring…obviously because they are cows.

They are relatively simple creatures however. Im not going to go vegan or anything dont get me wrong. I understand that veganism is a first world privilage, beef is tasty, good, fulfilling and good for jobs yet I can admire the carefree and the simplest part of nature of a cow in a field eating grass. Im not being pretentious nor am I illustrating a complicated vision of an artistic theme. Its just nice to photograph these gals.