Eric Polerecky
Jul 4, 2018 · 3 min read
Kastle Bounty Program

Kastle is launching a bounty program as a chance for community members to earn AKT in reward for helping promote Kastle.

The bounty program is LIVE NOW and running until Sept 15th.

500,000 AKT has been set aside for bounty rewards. The rewards will be distributed after the completion of the bounty program. Rewards for each items will be percentage based on the type of reward and the number of submissions.

Each type of submission has its own rules that need to be follow in order to quality for the bounty program. Please review these rules to ensure that your account (social, blog, etc) meets the requirements to be eligible for the bounty program.

Program Reward Breakdown

  • Blogging, YouTube, and Articles — 25%
  • Translation — 35%
  • Twitter — 25%
  • Discord — 15%

Terms and Conditions

  • Start date: July 1 2018, End date: Sept 15th 2018
  • To participate in the bounty program, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Participants can only participate with one account per platform.
  • All rewards will be in AKT
  • Participants disqualified, for any reason, will not receive any bounty rewards.
  • The Kastle team reserve the right to change any rule or requirement at any time for any reason without notice.
  • AKT will be allocated to your Kastle exchange wallet within 4 weeks of AKT launching on the main Akroma network.
  • Participants must have a verified account on to participate

Blogging, YouTube, and Articles Rules

  • Eligible for 25% of the bounty AKT (125,000)
  • Blog posts must be 500 words long.
  • YouTube videos must be at least 2 minutes long.
  • Participants must have at least 250 followers on the social platform they post.
  • Quality of post will have a direct impact on the awarded amount
  • Participants must have a verified account on
  • Submit a link to your content here:

Translation Bounty Rules

Translate the Kastle announcement thread or this bounty thread, moderating and managing the thread. Keeping it updated and posting regular news and updates from the bitcointalk thread, or medium.

  • Eligible for 35% of the bounty AKT (175,000)
  • Translations must be original, using tools such as Google are not allowed and will result in disqualification
  • Translators must post a thread in the language forum they are translating for
  • Translators must keep thread updated and active as news and updates are posted to the bitcointalk thread, or medium
  • Participants must have a verified account on
  • Interested participants must submit links to their previous work here
  • Approval is required to be considered eligible.
  • Kastle website and white paper translations are the highest priority and will earn the largest amount of the bounty.

Twitter Rules

Discord Rules

Support and Questions

Please use the support center with specific questions you have.


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Eric Polerecky

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CEO at Kastle Exchange, Inc, Founder Akroma.


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