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3 min readMay 12, 2022


OpenInfra Summit Berlin is around the corner, and in less than a month, the Kata Containers community will join 30+ open source projects attending the Summit to collaborate in the open. The community will also share the latest upstream development, use cases and news in the Kata Containers project.

Register for your Summit tickets before prices increase on May 16 at 11:59 PM PT to save on your ticket purchase.

Here we have compiled all the Kata Containers sessions that you can look forward to at the Summit.

Tuesday, June 7

We are Kata Containers, nice to meet you!

  • Speaker: Eric Ernst, Software Engineer at Apple. Samuel Ortiz, Software Engineer at Apple. Fabiano Fidêncio, Cloud Orchestration Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.
  • Come and share your experiences, concerns, and any changes you are working on or looking forward to using, with other members of the Kata Containers community.

Wednesday, June 8

On the Production Road with Kata Containers — Adobe’s Lessons Learned

  • Speaker: Joseph Sandoval, SRE Manager at Adobe Systems
  • Adobe has been using Kata Containers in production for two years on Ethos Adobe’s internal container platform system. Kata has been integral in meeting our isolation and security requirements but there have been some areas that we had to work around to meet internal customer requirements when it comes to storage and network performance.

Cloud native Confidential: Isolating Kubernetes Pods with Confidential Computing

  • Speaker: Samuel Ortiz, Software Engineer at Apple
  • Confidential Computing expands the cloud threat model into a drastically different paradigm, where cloud providers no longer need to be trusted. The Confidential Containers project integrates this security promise by allowing any Kubernetes pod to run into its own trusted execution environment. Learn everything about Confidential Containers and key components of the project software stack.

Unikernels for Serverless Computing

  • Speakers: Charalampos Mainas, Systems Engineer at Nubificus LTD. Anastassios Nanos, Systems Researcher at Nubificus LTD
  • Learn serverless stack from a systems software perspective, elaborating on the different layers: OS, runtime & applications. The speakers will focus on the sandboxing aspect of container deployment and present their approach on merging the sandbox with the serverless application using KVMM, a simple in-kernel hypervisor, tailored to host serverless workloads.

Thursday, June 9

Lotsa security: confining the extra security layer

  • Speaker: Fabiano Fidêncio, Cloud Orchestration Software Engineer at Intel Corporation
  • Join the speaker to learn about the Kata Containers and SELinux integration saga, a work done across different CRI Engines and VMMs.

Also congrats to Ant Group for being nominated as one of the candidates for the 2022 Superuser Award! Ant Group was one of the two founding teams of Kata Containers. Since its first launch in December 2017, they have been active contributors to the Kata project. Join the OpenInfra Summit Keynotes on June 8th to find out who wins this year’s Superuser Award!

Check out the Summit schedule for 100+ more sessions that you can attend, and register before prices increase on May 16 at 11:59 PM PT to save on your ticket purchase.



Kata Containers Community
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